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New Year, New Projects

New Year, New Projects

Moving on to the New Year and I’m hoping to have some new projects to work on. With my personal life I think of September as the start of the new year. 

With business the new year starts on January 1st. I guess the difference is that my accounting runs on a January to December basis. This week was still pretty much of a break week. 

On Thursday night I mentioned that I had hit the wall on cooking. My husband got a little excited and replied ” we can go the place with the hand pulled noodles”. No disappointment there.

I had my 6 month eye check up Friday and all is stable. I got home about 4 pm, said I was hungry and off we went. He got chicken noodle bowl, I got pork noodle bowl and we shared scallion pancakes. Perfect.

Saturday morning I was ready to cook again. I pinned a recipe for whole wheat pancakes, had buttermilk, bacon and we had breakfast. The pancakes were good! This is the first batch, which I usually have to toss, and they were pretty perfect. 

And of course there were enough for Sunday morning. I have mentioned that I love leftovers. 

My menu plan this week is a little different, part of the new projects part of the year. I can’t say too much but I’m doing some testing. I’ll be able to talk about sources later in the year. For now I’ll be making, tasting and taking pictures. 

Menu Plan 

We shopped on Saturday following the holiday schedule. Buford Highway Farmer’s Market was crazy busy. Difficult to find parking and a cart. We are tough however and made it. 

Saturday I made asparagus salad with herbs and soft eggs. Delicious! We totally enjoyed this meal and will tell more about it when I can. 

New Year’s Eve was not a big deal for us. No plans except to stay in and relax.  I started with a project recipe for breakfast. It was good, a little time consuming though. 

For dinner I made pork chops, a recipe I’ve made before and tubetti pasta for my project. I didn’t even have champagne but had some of the raspberry liqueur I made. It was delicious.

I was fighting a cold all week, so was in bed early, did not see midnight. I did hear fireworks for way too long so slept until almost 8. Very late for me!

I wanted to use up leftovers in the refrigerator, so set out my two balls of dough left from pizza making. Scrambled some eggs, added leftover bacon, some cheddar, spinach and tomatoes. Rolled the dough into two circles, filled,folded, baked. Delicious breakfast calzones. 

Dinner was very easy too. Another project recipe and forgot to take pictures of the Fish in Parchment with Herb Sauce. Basic recipe, not bad, easy clean up. This recipe is similar. 

Lots of Cooking

Tuesday was back to work. No, I am never going to have a normal schedule because personal chef day should be Monday! Also this is Georgia and it has been very below freezing for many days. 

When I got to my customer’s house it was 11 degrees. I think my face actually froze some while unloading the car. 

Some of the meals I made were Cheesy Baked Penne, Beef Enchilada Soup, Sesame Noodles

I kept cooking on Monday with project recipes, Spinach and Cheese Pupusas, Curtido and Black Beans. Basically a cornmeal pancake with filling, a slaw and black beans. Pretty good and nothing I’d ever tried to make before. 

Wednesday I was off and I usually don’t cook. Husband is happy if I happen to cook. I decided to try Breakfast Braid although it was a little intimidating. 

It was amazing! The dough went together easily, rolled out well and was easy to manage with the filling. I was surprised. 

No cooking for dinner though! Husband had apple and cheese before his meeting and Trader Joe’s from the freezer came to my rescue.

Thursday morning breakfast was heated, leftover breakfast braid. It heated well wrapped in foil on 375 for about 50 minutes. Husband and I enjoyed an easy breakfast. 

Dinner and I was back to new projects. I decided to make manicotti and make my own crepes for the wrapper. I have never done this before and they turned out well. 

They were light, fresh and delicious. Not too difficult to make and there are leftovers! My thoughts are that manicotti would be great for breakfast. 

I’ve had a nice, slow start to the New Year and have had time to think, plan, get over a small cold and work on new projects. 

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