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More North Carolina, Less Home, No Menu

More North Carolina

My visit home is over. It was a nice visit but now, more North Carolina. No menu planning for me this week and no shopping. I made baked penne for dinner on Friday. 

Last week’s menu plan said dinner out, but I did not want to leave the house. Too relaxing to change and go out.  Since I split the recipe, I have a baked penne for the freezer. 

I took Friday off and most of Saturday. I made breakfast Saturday for us using the rest of the bread from Friday’s dinner. I’m getting much better at this.

I am so fortunate to have a job I like. Also fortunate to see much of the state of North Carolina. I’ve been to mountains, the beach, farms. I have not seen bears yet, but have hope. 

This week was spent in Mooresville with Chef Cyndie assisting with the North Carolina K-12 Culinary Institute.  The drive was not bad, left again at noon Sunday after picking up the car. 

I went to a restaurant close to the hotel for some dinner Sunday. It was good, not great, but good. I needed close and easy. 

Monday Chef Cyndie and I met at Rocky River Elementary School, our office until Thursday. Very close to the hotel! Setup day, checking in groceries, organizing work stations. 

Monday I went to dinner at Eddie’s On Lake Norman. Dinner was good, not fabulous. I had a grilled mahi sandwich and a salad. 

More North Carolina 

Tuesday was the first day of the class with wonderful students. The students start out a little wary but soon are comfortable with us and with their fellow students. They arrive in their school groups, we separate them, they are unhappy and then they love their new group. And are happy again! 

Tuesday is salad day.  School salads. Fresh food. Colorful food. Delicious food. 

Tuesday night Cyndie and  went to dinner at Jeffery’s. Even though we had salads for lunch, 6 different salads, we had salad for dinner. We each got the wedge with blue cheese, beef filet for Cyndie, seared scallops for me.  Pretty good. 

Wednesday is massive amounts of food day. We try to taste everything, but there is a lot of food. Luckily the custodians were available and shared in lunch. Very happy custodians! 

Cuban sandwiches in process.

Captain America fruit cups. 

Fruit Explosion.

My lunch Wednesday – pico cup, black bean nachos, chilaquiles, chicken alfredo pasta, corn/tomato salad, crunchy sweet potato. 

For dinner Cyndie and I asked for recommendations and heard about Joe Fish. Cyndie decided not to go but I headed out about 6. SO glad I went.

There were no tables so I sat at the bar and sat next to Phyllis and her husband who were regulars at the restaurant. They had suggestions and I decided on a plate with crab cake, lobster tail, mashed potatoes and vegetables. And ginger ale. No drinking and driving. 

Phyllis and I talked and had a lovely evening. New friend made in North Carolina! 

Thursday was the last day of class. More cooking.

Pesto chicken sandwiches.

Gourmet grilled cheese, a personal favorite. 

Graduation for the new chef ambassadors! 

I left the school about 3:30 and hit the road to home. Quick trip home and then more North Carolina on Sunday.

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