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Menu Mini Plan

Mini Plan 

This week has been pretty busy. I say that almost every week. I had a lot going on late afternoons, so the menu plan was a mini plan. 

We shopped on Friday and really just picked up a few fresh things, half and half for tea, eggs and that’s about it. As you can see from the plan, there was not much of a plan. 

Going back a little, the pizza on Friday was delicious! I recommend the recipe, it was pretty easy and even though the crust was thick, it wasn’t dense. 

I doubled the crust to fit the 13×9 pan and did not make the sauce since I had an open jar of marinara in the refrigerator. Waste not, want not. Yes, leftovers! 

Saturday and Sunday were KitchenAid Carlin days for me. I knew I would be reluctant to cook but hungry when done, so planned for that. 

Friday we had bison burgers (no buns), arugula and roasted potatoes. I love arugula with red meat. No recipes, just cast iron pan, oven, oil and vinegar. 

Sunday I got home a little later, but still wanted dinner at home. I rarely feel like going back out. I found cod in the freezer, we bought fresh spinach when shopping. 

Again no recipes, I used lemon, butter and panko on the fish and baked it. Sautéed the spinach with olive oil, salt and pepper. Nothing fancy but good and at home!

Volunteer week

While the fish was cooking, I packed equipment for Monday. In addition to my personal chef customer, I had an afternoon cooking class with Destiny’s Daughters of Promise. I’ve been cooking with them for several years. 

Timing was everything on Monday. I totally forgot to take pictures at my customer’s house. I made the pear crisp again, one for this week, one to take for Thanksgiving. Also a meatball soup, roasted pork tenderloin, brussels sprouts glazed with maple and a huge salad. 

The salad had green beans, yukon gold potatoes, roasted chicken, hard cooked eggs, bell pepper, olives, romaine and arugula. Since I was already roasting chicken for my customer, I roasted extra for me. 

Once home, husband and I had roast chicken for late lunch before he left and I left. I drove to Awtry  Middle School for my first class of the week. We had a great time and I snapped one picture. Leftover pizza for me when I got home. 

Tuesday I was at Barber Middle School with Destiny’s Daughters. We did super speedy cooking because 4 of the teens were going to winter guard tryouts. Everyone had time to sit down and eat everything.

While I like maple chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and pumpkin dip, I can’t eat that every night. When I got home I made a leftover chicken sandwich with avocado and a few chips. And apple cider. 

Wednesday  was Palmer Middle School and cooking! Different middle schools, same menu. The food is different for the girls but Miss Tanya, the program administrator, had the same menu all week! 

I like all the classes in one week because I just keep packing the boxes once things come out of the dishwasher. Pretty easy.

When I got home Wednesday night, husband was at his meeting so I had to think about dinner for me. I had some soup thawed, but had seen pasta in the freezer and that sounded better. 

While I was doing dishes, I boiled water, added the lemon ricotta ravioli from Trader Joe’s, browned a little butter and grated some parmesan. Delicious! 

Even with My Mini Plan

Thursday I was off. Nothing on my calendar! Husband said he would be gone working and home late, so the plan was to heat chili whenever he got home. Great plan had I actually checked that there were two servings of chili in the freezer. Sigh. 

One container of chili. Freezer fail. Could have had the soup that was thawed but thought that might be a good lunch. I found balsamic chicken and the label (I use that term lightly) said it was for two!

Sharpies are wonderful. 

I spent some time Thursday planning for next week when I am not working. My friend Patti and her husband Tom are arriving Tuesday for the week. She’s also a personal chef so I predict cooking fun. 

The balsamic chicken was great with some egg noodles and an arugula/romaine salad. I discussed the list with my husband and I think we are ready for the beginning of next week.

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