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Menu, Life, Week 3

Menu, Life Week 3 

I have to catch up with Friday dinner before getting to my menu, life for week 3. I made Sheet Pan Philly Cheese Steak and it was excellent. One change to the recipe, I used two good sized poblano peppers instead of green pepper. 

The picture in the recipe shows sliced vegetables, the instructions say chopped, I sliced. 

So delicious! Good thing because of course I had leftovers. Husband wasn’t sure when he’d get home Saturday, so more sandwiches Saturday. Everything heated well in the oven. 

Menu, Life Planning

Sunday I went to a mini retreat titled Gratitude and Grief. I always get something from these retreats and am glad that I take the time to attend. 

I needed an easy dinner so my peace and relaxation would stay for the evening. Yay for meatballs from the freezer for spaghetti and meatballs. Perfect comfort food dinner. 

Monday was personal chef day even though a holiday. I got to chat with the kids again and see the whole family. The sheet pan fajitas were a big hit. I made beef stroganoff, winter fruit salad, Greek marinated chicken for a big salad and a few other items. 

Dinner at home was excellent again. Easy again. Leftovers again. I served the Green Curry Pork Tenderloin over rice. My sauce did not look like the picture but it was amazing. 

Easy menu, life and then it was Tuesday. My only plan for Tuesday was car maintenance and it should have been easy. Just an oil change and a brake light. Ha! A few other things and $350. Sigh. My car is ready to go for a while though I hope. 

Following the plan, I thawed my lamb and got it into the marinade on Monday. I had lamb because I ordered a holiday pack from Butcher Box, yes, still using them and still loving them. Still on every three months schedule. 

Although I had never cooked a rack of lamb and no holiday on Tuesday, I had the time for a nice meal. 

Classic Rack of Lamb was my recipe choice and it was perfect. Simply Recipes is a good place to find recipes that work. I cooked as stated except I cooked to a temperature of 138 and then let the lamb rest for 15 minutes. Delicious. 

In addition we had smashed red skinned potatoes and roasted asparagus. Not entirely normal for a weekday meal, but my schedule is different often. 


This week the plan for creative day Wednesday went well since there was another snow day in Georgia. Very, very cold with not much snow but a considerable amount of ice. 

After Christmas, I started some paper white bulbs. So easy. Pie pan, rocks, set the bulbs on the rocks, add water, wait, enjoy. Creative, easy, gorgeous. 

I made breakfast for us Wednesday morning since we were trapped in the house. Dinner needed to happen since husband’s meeting was canceled Wednesday night. I found this in the freezer and while it was slightly descriptive, I need to do better. 

In addition to the pork (herbed pork roast in wine sauce), there was cake! Wednesday morning was baking morning because baking is creating. I made Amaretto Almond Bundt Cake.  I used a different pan and had slivered almonds (toasted of course) and it was delicious. 

Thursday morning I was supposed to attend the library performer’s showcase but it was rescheduled because of the bad road conditions. I made breakfast again! Potatoes, sausage, tomatoes, soft boiled eggs, toast. 

Dinner was forage for yourself because I was supposed to work a bridal event for KitchenAid. Husband planned to eat the pork leftovers. I left the house at 5pm. Our house is at the top of the subdivision and there is a circle with streets off the circle. 

The right turn out of my street gets sun so I choose that direction. I got to the top of a curve and saw solid ice. I couldn’t see ahead, so turned around and decided to try the other side of the circle. The left turn direction never gets sun, so potentially a bad option. 

A woman and her dog were coming that direction and I asked her about conditions. She said nothing had been done, all snow/ice covered. I thanked her and went home. No KitchenAid work. Luckily I could stay safe. 

And of course no dinner planned. Husband was kind and offered to share the pork, but it was one portion. I made a little guacamole, some cheese dip and chips. Really, salad, whole grain and dairy. Perfect dinner for me. 

Hopefully Friday will be breakfast with a culinary friend.  Also Costco stock up day.

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