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Menu, Life, Week 4

Menu, Life Week 4 

Friday I met Amanda for breakfast and we talked (networked) for a couple hours. She lives in Durham and was here to teach at The Cook’s Warehouse. Husband and I then met at Costco (life is exciting), got glasses and stocked up. Once home it was back to the menu, life. 

Friday dinner was Fried Chicken Cutlets with Herb Gravy. This recipe is an example of online to real life. I met Jane (Heritage Cook) at IACP. Last year I met Jenni at IACP and then a few months ago met her again in Atlanta. 

Always fun to get to know people from online. This recipe was delicious. I did not make it gluten free, served it over noodles, and only made half the chicken for us. 

Saturday was part fun, part work. Husband and I went to an art show and then grocery shopping. Dinner was easy with salmon, roasted potatoes. 

Sunday morning I worked a bridal registry event for KitchenAid. The event was 9 to 11, so no breakfast at home. I ate a granola bar in the car on the way home. Once home, I completed my report, relaxed for a short time.

Menu, Life Planning

Husband’s birthday was Sunday but no cake for him. We went out to lunch at Farm Burger. After lunch, back home to relax before the next KitchenAid bridal registry event. Big work day for me. 

This event was 6 to 9 so no dinner. The event was busy and I was there until 9:30. I got home close to 10. I had some blood orange Italian soda and a little cheese. Not glamorous at all! And I went to sleep so I could wake up at 5.

Normal Monday

Back to work on Monday morning. A normal day! No snow, kids were in school, customer was home, we chatted a little and she left for her normal day.

I made chicken stroganoff, turkey teriyaki, chive green beans, sesame rice and a couple other things. My customer came home for lunch. We chatted more and she told me that she had good results from her gallbladder tests. When I started cooking for her almost a year ago, she wanted to control things with diet, she did not want gall bladder removal surgery. So far so good. Her doctor is happy with her numbers and she is happy. No surgery so far!  

I wanted to cook an easy dinner at home because I knew I would be tired Monday. We had seared steaks finished in the oven, roasted asparagus and baked potatoes. So good! 


Trying to vary the creativity. On Tuesday, I went to Cast on Cottage and purchased yarn for a baby blanket. I’ve been in a crafting slump I think. I’ve worked on sewing my afghan together but it feels overwhelming sometimes. 

Hopefully this will jump start me with knitting and quilting. The baking is going well, but maybe less to eat! 

I cooked Monday and that was pretty much it for the week. Tuesday we ate out before worship service.

The plan for Wednesday was “whatever”. I had a bagel for breakfast, husband made eggs for himself. I went downstairs to my craft room! I wound three balls of yarn, knit a gauge swatch and started the baby blanket! 

The colors are pine for the border and turtle for the main section. I love the names of colors.

Husband was on his own for dinner as was I. I had been craving a wedge salad so I made a modified wedge. My wedge – iceberg (left from cook day Monday), tomatoes, green olives, avocado, blue cheese, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Craving satisfied. 

Thursday and I had another bridal event for KitchenAid.  I drove to Knoxville, planned to eat dinner out before the event, work, sleep in Knoxville and drive home Friday. 

Not sure of dinner plans for Friday since husband left for a weekend retreat. Menu, life, so little cooking! 

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