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Madness, No Cooking!

March Madness with No Cooking

March has been pretty busy. The madness continues with no cooking. I left Monday to drive to Kentucky to attend a team retreat/meeting. The meeting was with Chef Cyndie’s team. 

Chef Cyndie lives in Kentucky but she gathered the team from far and wide for the meeting/retreat. There were I believe 18 of us from Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Kentucky and a couple other states. We met at Barren River Lake State Park

We checked in Monday to our two bedroom villas. My villa mates were Cathy and Ashley who do the graphics and will be working on updating the website. The park was pretty with comfortable cottages but the phone service non-existent with no wifi. 

We had meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, a photo shoot for the team and wonderful group meals. The photo shoot was at a school in Scottsville. There was so much art on the walls with painted murals but I loved this wall. 

The team discussed what went well with the North Carolina teaching, what we needed refine and the summer of 2017. We had a great couple days  meeting and brainstorming.

I left Kentucky at 4:00 am Thursday, drove to Nashville and caught a flight to my next work location. I’ll talk more about work this week in a future post because I’ll be here for a while.

Eating Out

I’m working with my new friend Nancy and after we set up our office, stopped by the hotel, we headed out for an early dinner. I woke at 3 am to journey here. I drove through two states before 6:30 am because I started my journey at 4am.

We went to Xoco and had a fantastic dinner. I had a short rib sandwich, we shared guacamole, salsa and chips, and churros. Oh, we each had one refreshing margarita. 

I have not cooked a meal since last Sunday because I have not been home. I’m sure I’ll miss cooking soon because I like to cook but cooking is not a priority this week.

Early to bed Thursday to be ready for Friday in the new office. 

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