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Cooking in my Kitchen

Cooking in my Kitchen 

Home for me again all week and this means I can continue cooking in my kitchen. For Friday dinner  I needed to make something easy since I worked for KitchenAid. Not a hard job, but not much time to cook once I got home. 

I made Creamy Pasta with Salmon and Asparagus. I roasted some salmon that I had in the freezer, did not have farfelle so used a twist pasta, tossed the asparagus in with the pasta with 2 minutes left to cook.

Meyer lemons were available so I got to use them, love the taste. Very good recipe, very much in keeping with Spring. 

When I created the menu plan, Saturday’s plan was ?. I have a good amount of ground beef in the freezer and we did not have burgers when they were originally in the plan. Burgers on the grill!

When I checked the refrigerator I found a big package of fresh spinach, no idea why I purchased it but it was green and would be good sautéed for dinner. I had potatoes and decided to go wild and make french fries.

I rarely fry food and had a fryer that I had never used, so decided to try it. It worked well! No mess, no splatter, no greasy fries. I have this one in my kitchen. 

Menu Plan

I created my menu plan on Friday and we shopped on Sunday as is our normal. Often we are not normal. 

Even though we shopped on Sunday, I still wanted to use some of the ground meat that I had. It was a very rainy and cool day so Spaghetti and Meatballs. Very good, pretty easy, leftovers too! Of course we had a little salad too.

Monday dinner needed to be very, very easy. I had a long day starting at 6 am to drive to the Sheraton near the airport. I did some training for KitchenAid for Macy’s employees. The training was all day with over 100 people, divided into multiple sessions.

The day went well, the training received well and appreciated, and everyone got to see the new Pistachio Matte color. 

I made it home at 6 pm which is earlier than I thought I’d make it. The roads do have issues here. We had a cold dinner of marinated feta, fresh tomatoes, ciabatta bread, prosciutto. No cooking in my kitchen at all, but good eating. 

Cooking in Other Kitchens

Tuesday I cooked for my personal chef customer. I made Asian Chicken Salad, Bacon and Mustard Chicken, Lentil Salad, Turkey Cranberry Burgers and a couple of other items. 

My customer recently got a new oven and as we chatted Tuesday morning, I turned it on to preheat. The new oven writes out questions and the cook needs to answer the questions. 

Conversation with customer:

  • Me: Your oven is French now. 
  • Customer: I know. I don’t know how that happened, maybe my MIL.
  • Me: In a previous life I was a French major so all is fine. 
  • Customer: Didn’t see that coming. 
  • Me: (later) I changed your oven back to English but if you want French let me know.
  • Customer: No, English is good. I can get by in Spanish but not French. 

I remembered to snap a couple pictures. The food is gluten free, dairy free, and delicious!

My dinner was a favorite salad. As soon as I got home from my cook day, I roasted some chicken since chicken can roast while I rest. Organic red romaine was beautiful and I had to use that in the salad. 

In addition to the romaine, I used red cabbage and iceberg, all finely chopped. I shredded my roasted chicken, cooked bacon, used small shells for the pasta, blue cheese from CalyRoad Creamery, tomatoes, and forgot the green onions.

For the dressing I use regular balsamic and emulsify everything using my immersion blender. The dressing becomes very creamy and thick. 

Wednesday I had a little work for KitchenAid but mostly had a day off. No need to cook since there was leftover salad and it was still delicious!

Thursday was my one on one class with Adam and as usual we had a great day of cooking. We never use recipes, we see what is in the house and then cook. 

We made brown lentils, stir fried green beans and carrots, roasted sweet potatoes and onions and a salad with cucumbers, parsley, spinach and lime. 

I also met his new kitten Sage. So very cute! 

Friday and Saturday – KitchenAid work.Friday menu planning, shopping day still up in the air. All in all, another great week cooking in my kitchen and all kitchens. 

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