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Interesting Week at Home

Interesting Week

This has been an interesting week of cooking at home. My eye appointment on Friday went well. I don’t need to see my retina doctor for another year. I told him that as much as I liked him, I didn’t want to see him more often. 

The chile verde was delicious! I made it as a way to use some pork shoulder from Butcher Box and that went well however there are more leftovers for the freezer. I used the chile verde over cheese enchiladas. 

Saturday was back to work for KitchenAid since I didn’t visit or demo over the summer. I thought I’d be a little tired on Saturday so dinner was supposed to be easy gnocchi. I really need to review the recipe the day before I’m going to cook. 

Once home, read the recipe, saw that I had not thawed any chicken. Not a problem, I could add some mozzarella and we had bacon for breakfast so we wouldn’t miss meat. 

I started prepping for the recipe and went to the pantry for gnocchi. No gnocchi. Seriously? No, not going to the store, this was supposed to be an easy dinner! Fusilli in the pantry.

I sautéed mushrooms with onion and garlic, added flour, chicken broth, milk, pasta and cooked until the pasta was done. I added the spinach to wilt and the mozzarella to melt. Dinner was delicious! Gnocchi recipe goes back to the try pile. 

Sunday we went to the wedding of a chef friend at Kaya Winery. It was beautiful. Mountain views, good food, good wine, good cake. I’d like to go check out some Georgia Wineries. 

Monday was errand day and I knew I needed an easy dinner. I made blue cheese stuffed burgers, roasted potatoes and sautéed spinach. So good, so easy. I had some grapefruit soda in my new tumblers from East Fork. 

Customer Cooking

Tuesday was personal chef day. Usually I see my customer in the morning and we chat, but she was already gone when I arrived. Kids to school, errands, football, dance, I didn’t see her but she had dinner ready when she got home.

This is celebration rice and pork chops with apples. She also had beef stroganoff, meatballs, salad and more. 

Once home I did some prep for my event on Wednesday. The dining room table is a great staging area. I organized platters, serving utensils, plates, napkins, cups, equipment before loading the car. We had dinner in the living room. Freezer food for the win – bolognese sauce and pasta. 

Cooking Offsite

I cooked in Grayson, GA at a 55+ subdivision on Wednesday. There was a nice clubhouse with a kitchen and Smith Douglas Homes asked me to cook for a meeting. I’ve worked with Smith Douglas a few other times so knew they were nice. 

I made beef tenderloin, salmon cakes, caprese skewers, brownies, tarts. Easy to eat food so the brokers, sponsors and realtors could concentrate at the meeting while eating lunch. 

Once home I was very hungry. I can’t eat early in the morning, I was working until lunch and then was driving home. Late lunch at home was mozzarella, pepperoni, and delicious. Dinner was just for me and I had hash browns with eggs. Eggs are sometimes perfect.

Summer is Over

I started bread baking again this week so Wednesday was starter day, Thursday proofing day and Friday baking day. It takes a lot of days for bread! Also Thursday was Costco day, we usually go quarterly to stock up. 

We buy a lot at Costco! Once my bread was on it’s final rise, off we went. Filled two carts, loaded the car, unloaded the car, put everything away, shaped my bread and set to rise in pans.

This might have been the first day of fall, but I wanted one more taste of corn. I made Spicy Corn Chowder and it was delicious. The grater was for the potato. I used the amount of chipotle called for in the recipe and did not think the chowder was too spicy.

Friday chiropractor appointment and hopefully relaxing the rest of the day. I am feeling the need to relax a little!

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