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IACP Conference

IACP Conference 

What a week! A great time in New York at the IACP conference. I got in Thursday afternoon and went to a brainstorming dinner with several new friends. 

Field trip day on Friday. I went to the bagel making class so I can make delicious bagels at home.  Fifteen of us made it on to the subway and to ICE for the class. 

Melissa Weller was a great teacher. She demonstrated the process and we learned some bagel history.  

I need a few bagel making ingredients, some time and we’ll be eating fresh baked bagels at home. 

Friday night was the kickoff party with tasty appetizers and wine. After the kickoff I attended a night owl class about giving back. The moderators were Hollie Greene,  Dan Marek and Stephen Ritz

The session was excellent and validated my own need to give back and to teach younger people cooking for health and taste. 

Conference Sessions

Saturday morning I agreed to attend a meeting of cooking teachers at 7 am. A little early because of the Friday late night session but just an elevator ride. Good ideas, suggestions, good to meet other cooking teachers. 

There were lots of sessions on Saturday. I attended how to write and test recipes. Good to think about what you know and what others do not know about cooking.  It’s so easy to leave pieces out when you know how to cook. 

Lunch Saturday was not great. A few samples of foods but not enough for lunch. I considered leaving the hotel in search of food but no time. I had a one on one motoring session with a cooking teacher at 2. The session was worth the lack of lunch and I carry granola bars in my purse! 

Good session and then I was off to another recipe class about problems and possibilities. Not as interesting as I thought but nothing is ever perfect. 

My next class was adding polish to your social media. SO much to think about but I took from the class that social media is not necessary for my business. 

I learned that in order to increase rank in various platforms that I had to be tied to social media and respond very, very quickly. Not going to happen.

Such a relief. I can continue to use Instagram just for fun. Also Facebook as usual. And not Twitter much. No need to learn more. Yay! 

Dinner Out

I was hungry after a light lunch, so dinner was with four new friends that I found on the conference bulletin board. We went to Mozzarella and Vino and had a great meal. We shared calamari, arancini, cheeses, entrees and desserts. 

I was torn on attending the night session since I was full from dinner but decided to go. The class was supposed to be about staying relevant when aging.

I understand that everyone is different, but the old people in the session were 32 to 37. One 51. Sigh. 

The class was far from what I expected and I decided to be amused and embrace my apparently fossil status at age 60.

Sunday at IACP

Sunday morning I slept a little later but was downstairs for breakfast at 8. The keynote session was very, very wonderful. The title was Can We Actually Make the Future Better. Moderator Kim Severson, panelists Michael Twitty, Kat Kinsman, Melissa Rodriguez, and Mike Lee

After the keynote, more classes. I attended food trends, guilt free food and found both interesting. And then lunch. Or not. Since breakfast was not great either, I needed lunch. I had time to go out, ran into my friend Suzanne who lives in New York and she led me out.

She chose an Afghan restaurant walking distance from the hotel.  A menu, a table with seats, appetizers of dumplings. We ate lamb kofta and lamb kebabs, splitting them so we could each have both. Friends who eat are good friends. 

After lunch I attended a class about teaching cooking classes. The awards presentation was in the evening and since I was a cookbook judge I was interested in the awards.

I had 8 compilations cookbooks to review, they were narrowed to three and I made three recipes from each of the three books. It was interesting to see which of the three won since I didn’t have any contact with any other judges and wasn’t allowed to say that I was a judge until the conference. 

For a good, beginners book with nice pictures and directions The Blue Apron Cookbook is good. This was in my judging category and one I thought was good. It won the category! 

I did not attend the after party. I was tired from attending a good conference. My dinner on the final night  in New York?

Home Again

No problems getting home on Monday. Our flight got in early so traffic was not an issue. Yay! 

Since I had been gone and knew I would not want to cook, we went to dinner at Hola. Very good dinner, slow roasted pork, a new favorite. 

Tuesday was personal chef day since I was flying home Monday.  I made chicken with tomatoes and olives, antipasti salad, rosemary roasted potatoes, sesame turkey stir fry and more. I used marinated flank steak for the meat in the salad. 

Fortunately I remembered that it was the fourth Tuesday of the month and we could go to worship service in Decatur. This also means that we could have dinner before at Arepa Mia

I had the avocado, hearts of palm, pickled onion salad with cheese empanadas. 

Wednesday, still no groceries, raining and did not want to leave the house. Husband on his own for dinner since he had wood working club at school and his meeting. 

I took tuna from the freezer and had a potato to bake. Not perfectly balanced perhaps, but at the house. 

Dinner at Home

I created a menu plan and grocery list so we could shop on Thursday. My next trip is next Wednesday to Chicago to work for KitchenAid. I didn’t want to eat out for a week. 

Since there was still not food in the house, husband and I went to the bank and got a bagel sandwich in the same shopping plaza. Then off to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market to shop. So less crowded during the week! 

I was still feeling pretty lazy Thursday so took meatballs out of the freezer to serve with pasta and salad. I missed my kitchen! 

Still have little idea what day of the week it is. Chef day was not the normal day, grocery shopping not the normal day, but eating at home, normal.


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