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Home Time, Loving It

Home Time

I love being able to travel, to see new places, meet new people, see old friends, but I also love home time. I’ve been trying to keep things balanced since I know summer will be somewhat unbalanced. Fortunately I love my work even when slightly crazy.

Since I’ve been home this middle part of April, I’m cooking, knitting, reading and organizing some. Saturday I attended the opening expansion of a cheese shop. I have purchased cheese from CalyRoad Creamery for years at the farmer’s markets. 

I can always use cheese, so I went to the shop, saw Robin, congratulated her and purchased some cheese. Marinated feta, soft cheese, melty cheese and blue cheese. All ready for snacking and cooking. 

Saturday dinner was forage for yourself since husband was working. I had burrata, avocado, crostini, artichokes and a little tomato. Delicious picnic dinner! 

Following the Plan 

Sunday was a quiet at home day. Husband has been having some computer issues so I basically avoided the office. After I made a simple bacon and egg breakfast, I made a vanilla poundcake for a little Easter treat. 

After baking, continuing to avoid the office, I did some knitting on my new scarf project, watched a movie, read some. No company for dinner, quiet time at home. 

I had a small pork roast in the freezer, purchased some asparagus and made some decadent potatoes. Perfect Easter dinner. I tried a new technique with the roast and it worked well. 

Monday was  a day off, but I cooked some. I baked bread finally! I have not been able to do that and husband had to buy some during my March away time. When we buy bread we buy Dakota from Great Harvest, but I like to make bread. 

I use this recipe for our every day bread and I double it. Since I use whatever grains/seeds that I have, this bread is never the same. This time I used sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and five grain mix from Bob’s Red Mill.

New Recipe

While I was waiting for the bread to rise, I decided to make some pasta. I purchased a stamp several months ago and have not made time to use it. Monday was the day. 

Pasta is easy to make with my KitchenAid stand mixer and attachment. Once I made the sheets, I cut the circles, stamped the circles and held all in the fridge until dinner. 

The pasta was easy to make, just took a little time. I knew it was better to make it in the morning while I was working in the kitchen. The bread looked great. The pasta was delicious with butter, chives and parmesan. 

Tuesday was my weekly personal chef customer. We’re working on food that everyone will eat while taking into account some health needs for mom. I made stuffed peppers, turkey shepherd pie, chicken tacos and some sides. No grains, dairy, starch, sugar but all delicious! 

My personal dinner plan was burgers but storms were predicted and the grill was not a good option. Yes, I could have made them in a skillet but I think I was inspired by the chicken tacos earlier. I decided to make taco salads.

No pictures but I browned the ground beef with onion and garlic, added some salsa and cheese, served it over mixed greens with a little arugula and some chopped tomatoes. I added avocado to mine and we had corn chips on the side. Delicious fast food at home. 

Wednesday I finally had a craft day. I have been knitting but have not gone into my room, listened to podcasts and worked on my afghan. So I did.

I have a few plants in my room since cats cannot eat them, it’s not their room, and the African violets are blooming. Love this! 

Wednesday was whatever day for me so I sautéed one piece of snapper that I found in the freezer and heated the leftover au gratin potatoes. 

Customer Appreciation!

While I was eating, I got a text from my customer. She said “amazing” and sent a picture of her dinner. Love this! 

This was the Mexican Tacos with Pineapple Salsa. My customer had wraps with butter lettuce and in case the kids wanted tacos I also left taco shells. Her plate is so pretty! 

Thursday was cooking class with Adam at his apartment. We shopped first and decided on roast chicken, roast squash, lentils and fresh salad. He did great! 

I cooked breakfast for dinner Thursday evening with a new recipe for potato pancakes, sausage from Buford Highway Farmer’s market and poached eggs. Very, very good! And leftovers for breakfast Friday before KitchenAid work.

The extra large menu plan worked for home time. Friday morning, new plan, new recipes maybe.

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