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Still in My Home Kitchen

Home Kitchen  

Home kitchen again this week, no travel. Husband was at a retreat from Thursday to Sunday so nothing gourmet for me but still from my kitchen. 

Thursday night was leftover spaghetti and meatballs, Friday leftover roasted chicken, Saturday a cast iron skillet burger and then Sunday back to dinner for two.

I went to a mini retreat on Sunday from noon to 4. The retreat was about prayer and since I knew I’d be relaxed and peaceful, I didn’t want to stress about dinner. My husband would be hungry and tired after his weekend so I needed something that worked for both of us. 

Dinner was a sheet pan dinner. Very trendy, very easy, this one very good. I marinated the pork chops in the morning and they were ready to bake when I got home. 

I put the okra on first with the potatoes, roasted about 15 minutes then added the chops. After about 15 minutes more, all ready! 

I created the menu plan before husband left so I knew what his weekly activities would be. I did my grocery shopping Saturday after working but because I was working I had no purse.

Of course my list was in my purse but I was able to recreate most of it since I plan with Pinterest. I had to finish shopping on Monday when I went to work but was near Whole Foods so that worked well.

Monday dinner happened to be meatless but just because the pasta looked good, no other reason. This was very, very easy and also good. Two easy dinners in a row! 

Tuesday was personal chef day. This is a weekly customer, gluten free, dairy free, nut free but still good food. I made Meltingly Marvelous Chicken, Turkey with Black Bean Sauce, Chicken Meatball Wraps, Green Beans and two salads. 

Home Kitchen Menu Plan 

Once home I checked email, did some computer work and relaxed. I finally remembered to take a picture of my menu plan. Better late than never.

In my last Butcher Box order, one package was pork stir fry so stir fry for dinner.  I marinated the pork with fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce and sherry while I cooked the rice. 

I used broccoli, carrot slices, a couple green onions, yellow onion slices, red bell pepper, a poblano pepper (found it in the fridge), baby bok choy and my Lodge cast iron wok

Another good, easy dinner with easy cleanup since the wok is nice and seasoned now.

Wednesday was my day off! I walked early then was hungry. Luckily when looking while planning the menu, I found some sausage cheese biscuits in the freezer. I heated some for husband and myself and made eggs. 

I did some knitting, some reading, listened to a webinar titled Boss of Me from IACP. Great webinar with Vivian Howard talking about how she manages everything, how she started things and where she is going next. Excellent! 

Dinner Wednesday is always whatever since husband has a meeting. I decided I needed a loaded baked potato. I love crispy skinned potatoes baked in the oven. 

Thursday I taught a one on one cooking class. It was very rainy and a little cool so a perfect day for soup. We made buffalo vegetable soup, lots of knife work with soup!

Adam chopped onion, garlic, celery, carrot, zucchini, yellow squash, kale, green beans, tomatoes and parsley.

Thursday dinner plan had a question mark and husband had another meeting so we went for a late Mexican food lunch. Avoid the rush on the 5th.

Friday will be a haircut, Costco shopping and pizza for dinner. And no menu planning since I am out of town all next week teaching in Mississippi. No meals from my kitchen. 

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