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Home Again, Home Again

Home Again

Home again, home again with a nice, uneventful drive from Mississippi. The class week was great. One of the students took this picture of me with my co-trainer Bernadette. Yes, I have hairnet head. 

Once home, husband told me he had taken two steaks out to defrost. I found that we still had lettuce and tomatoes and I cooked some pasta. We ate at home! The restaurants in Oxford are fantastic, but it was nice to eat at home again.

Saturday was forage for yourself since I worked for KitchenAid and husband had some photography work. He had an egg sandwich, I had some cheese, pepperoni, hummus,an orange and pita chips. We were both happy with our choices. 

Sunday we grocery shopped! Home again, home again with a menu and a list! 

I have not made shrimp for quite some time since I like to get it fresh. I decided to make Shrimp, Chile and Potato Salad on Sunday and it was delicious. Of course I had a green salad too. 

Cooking Here and There

Monday I did not work outside of my house. I had some desk work to do – expense report, bills, paperwork for my Tuesday personal chef customer. I stayed with the menu plan and made Rustic Chicken Cacciatore

Since I had a whole day at home, I had time to bake too. I saw this recipe and I had to make this cake, Raspberry Almond Bundt Cake. So good! 

Tuesday was my weekly personal chef customer. I made some pepper steak, chicken salad, turkey burgers and a few salads. I remembered to take a couple pictures too! 

Still followed the menu plan for Tuesday and I had to have chicken soup. I was home early enough that I got my chicken, carrots, onion, celery simmering about 2 and let it simmer until about 5. Shredded the chicken, fished out the over cooked vegetables, added noodles and it was delicious. And some for the freezer too! 

Wednesday was supposed to be craft day but did not happen. I took a trip to pick up a book that I need for studying for a food safety course. I’ll be taking the course, not teaching it this time so need to study.

Husband came with me on the journey and we stopped for an early lunch. We chose Home grown GA and it was delicious! 

Thursday I cooked with Adam for our one on one cooking class. He made cranberry beans, roasted cauliflower/carrots and a vegetable stir fry. 

Thursday evening my friend Monique invited me to a tasting and critique of the senior practicum menu at The Art Institute. I accepted and ate for 3 hours. The entire menu with wine pairing and mocktails. So much work! 

Pretty desserts. 

Friday, a normal day. Menu planning for me, KitchenAid work and maybe some relaxing. Life at home is good! 

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