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Holiday Time

Holiday Time

It is holiday time! Still not on a normal schedule but that might be the new normal. I did not make a menu on Friday because I knew there was no time to shop on the weekend. 

I made a delicious dinner Friday night. We usually have ground beef and bison in the freezer and sometimes it seems like we have too much. Not a problem since so much can be done with ground meat.

Chopped Steak with Bacon and Mushroom Gravy sounded good with broccoli and mashed potatoes. So delicious. I used one pound of ground beef so made three patties. 

Much of Friday was spent gathering information and double checking that info so I could submit a bid for some consulting work. Done! 

Saturday and Sunday were KitchenAid work days with husband volunteering all day Saturday. When I got home Saturday I was a little tired but made some cookies for my Monday personal chef customer. 

Gluten free of course, actually the cookies were flourless and they were very tasty. I had to do quality assurance! And I baked again since it’s holiday time. 

When husband got home the cookies were finished and I was hungry. I suggested we go out to dinner to have a relaxing meal and he agreed. We went to Hola and had a great dinner. 

Sunday was work day again for me. I was less tired when I got home and it was leftovers for dinner. Husband had the burger with mashed potatoes. I went with mashed potatoes with some cheddar and a salad. We were both happy and leftovers were gone.

Normal Schedule

Monday was personal chef day. Normal schedule. I made cranberry citrus glazed pork, garlicky green beans, honey cornbread muffins, chicken chili and a big fresh salad with chicken. 

While chatting with my customer Monday morning, I mentioned that I had to go to the post office and I was dreading it. I accepted that I would have to wait, but wanted to get my consulting bid sent off. I also needed copies and wanted delivery confirmation. She suggested the UPS store 1 mile from her house instead. No wait, nice owners, copies made, they even had cookies. 

Monday night I had to make up dinner since no shopping yet. I thawed mahi, found fresh broccoli, pasta. We had lemon parsley mahi with broccoli alfredo pasta. No waste. I have found it is important to always have lemons. 

Menu Plan

After work on Monday I was officially on Christmas Break. I made my menu and it was a little weird. We decided to shop on Tuesday and again on Saturday for holiday time. 

Tuesday morning I made breakfast pizza so we would be full before shopping. I bought my puff pastry at Trader Joe’s. I did not have bacon (what!) so used sausage and made two. Leftovers.

Since we shopped on Tuesday and had not had shrimp for a while, we bought shrimp and dinner was Leeky Linguine with Shrimp. I’ve made this before, I love leeks. 

Once home from shopping, I made sprinkle fudge, sour cream cookie dough (not my favorite to work with but tastes good). 

Wednesday morning I made my sprinkle cookies and peanut butter cookies. And then we had the other breakfast pizza for brunch. Perfect planning! 

I also strained my raspberry liqueur. I have not tasted it yet, but it is pretty. You would need to plan to make it for Valentine’s Day. 

Husband’s daughter and the grandkids arrived about 3. We chatted, went to a jumping place (adults did not jump) and then out for Chinese. Back to the house to eat cookies and open Christmas presents. 

Thursday morning I made cheesy eggs, bacon and toast, and we went to a playground. The adults did have some play time but the kids had more. Mom helped out on the climbing. 

Quick stop at Chick FilA and then on to the Center for Puppetry Arts. We saw Rudolph! This is my favorite for Christmas. I told Molly that I cried at Rudolph and she could ignore me. I made it almost all the way to the end but lost it when Santa stopped and picked up the misfit toys. 

We said goodbye at the puppet center. Mom and the kids headed back to Greenville, husband and I home. We made good time, ate some corn chowder from the freezer and had a quiet evening. I must say, the cats do not like house guests! 

Friday equals no work! No guests, no sprinkles! Perfect day of vacation.

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