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Holiday Menu 2017

Holiday Time

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the food, but no traditional holiday menu for me.  Often we have seafood, make fresh pasta, have no plan. 

I had to finish my week before I could move on to the the holiday plan. Still pretty busy. Friday I had a chiropractor appointment then errands. I hit Target, Sears (new electric skillet, mine was used for too many classes), the bank, Publix and the wine store.

I picked up two bottles of Riesling, bourbon and a case of wine I had ordered. My sales person casually remarked “having a lot of people for the holiday” and I had to answer honestly no. Wine keeps. 

Saturday I had another class with Destiny’s Daughters, the high school group this time. We met at DDP headquarters. I promised no faces for the picture. 

After that I went in search of dried, salted cod. My first stop and I hoped my only was E. 48th Street Market. They had exactly what I needed. In addition, I picked up a mozzarella/roasted red pepper sandwich, red wine vinegar, spinach ravioli and bread. 

Then home to wash all cooking class dishes and put everything away. The dining room table was clear and ready to be a dining table. 

Holiday Menu Plan 

The plan for the week was a little crazy. We decided to do turkey for Thanksgiving with some of our favorites but couldn’t complete the plan until Wednesday. Yes, the day before Thanksgiving since I wanted to include my friend Patti. 

On Monday, the husband and I went shopping. We knew we could do the majority of our shopping but were kind of dreading the day. We thought stores would be crazy busy.

First breakfast at home, a clean the fridge scramble with a baked potato, tomatoes, cheese and eggs. Then Costco. Dreading this. Not a big deal! Pretty much in and out. 

Next stop, Buford Highway Farmer’s Market and again, not crazy busy. There was only one bunch of sage, but I knew I would return Wednesday. Final stop Trader Joe’s for stuffing bread. We ended up with four bags of items.

Since I had anticipated crazy, busy stores, I had announced that our kitchen was closed after breakfast. We were done earlier and more easily than anticipated so kitchen reopened. 

Easy, easy dinner though.

Tuesday was cleaning day, as friends should have arrived around 7 pm. In addition to cleaning I made pie crust and baked a pound cake.  I had planned an easy dinner of mostly roasted foods that would be good at room temperature. 

The friends arrived close to 9 pm! They had a very long drive and are not fond of the state of South Carolina. They may get over that. We had roasted pork tenderloin, roasted asparagus, roasted salmon with lemon and fresh dill, cheese, crackers and some vegetables. And cake. 

Fun with Friends

Wednesday was fun day. Patti and I headed to Buford Highway Farmer’s Market to meet our friend Peg, shop and have lunch. Patti’s husband Tom worked on his eagle pictures and my husband baked an apple pie while Patti and I were gone. 

Once Patti and I got home we started prepping for her dad’s fish cake recipe. Dinner! We had to make some mashed potatoes, cook the salted cod and fresh cod, chop onions, garlic, celery and parsley. 

Once the cakes rested in the fridge for an hour and we made salad, Patti formed the cakes, I dusted them in cornmeal, Patti pan fried the cakes and we had dinner. 

Fish cakes are delicious! 

We  spatchcocked the turkey without any injuries, seasoned it and put it to rest in the refrigerator. 

Thursday the plan was to start cooking whenever we woke up and felt like it. I was so glad that Patti and Tom didn’t want a set time for dinner. Husband and I don’t usually do firm times. 

The Big Day 

Thursday we had to cook turkey, the squash, the potatoes, open the can of cranberry jelly, stir the cranberry relish, steam green beans, and make stuffing. 

After breakfast, Tom made omelettes, Patti and I worked in the kitchen. I started stuffing – bread cubes, sausage, celery, onion, butter, fresh parsley and sage. Patti started the potatoes

The potatoes were gorgeous and delicious. I didn’t get a picture of the stuffing, also tasty. 

We worked on the squash together, peeling, cutting, stuffing, glazing. Also delicious. 

I had an 18 pound, heritage turkey from Butcher Box, so we split it and used two baking sheets. 

Once the turkey was in the oven , we relaxed with an appetizer. Patti’s family makes Triscuits with pickles so she introduced this to us. They were very good although I was not sold when I first heard about them. 

We sat down to dinner about 6 pm. I am thankful for so much including spending the holiday with friends. And husband doing dishes after dinner. And pie once we relaxed for a few hours.

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