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Group Cooking Classes

Group Cooking Classes

I love giving people tools to prepare delicious food. Group cooking classes have been both in state and out of state.

I’ve taught on-site for businesses for lunch and learns, team building, healthy quick meals and more. Contact Chef Carlin for more information. 

I’ve also had long term relationships with libraries and schools. 

Library Cooking Classes 

I became a library performer in 2008 which means I teach cooking classes in libraries. Ive taught at many libraries thought Georgia. Classes are participation and everyone tastes after cooking. 

Libraries please contact Chef Carlin to schedule a class. If you are interested in participating in a library class, contact your library with your interest. 


School Nutrition Training

The world of school nutrition and school nutrition consulting was unknown to me before 2010. I became involved with school nutrition consulting when I attended the kickoff for Chefs Move to Schools in 2010.
Since the kickoff on the White House lawn, I have been working with school food service professionals. I love the work. Some of the schools have been in Georgia, Indiana, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Iowa, Tennessee. 
I am pleased to be a trainer consultant with The Institute for Child Nutrition (ICN).  I teach Food Safety Basics, Norovirus, Healthy Cuisine for Kids, Practical Skills for Quality Meals and
Connect: Chefs Move to Schools for ICN.  
My work with school nutrition professionals is rewarding and fun! Please contact ICN if you’d like training on-site.