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Freezer Time

Freezer Time

I sat down on Friday like almost every week to plan my menu and saw that I was working Saturday, Sunday and Monday so grocery shopping would be difficult. It was freezer time! 

I baked my bread first thing Friday morning and have three loaves for the freezer!

Once I checked my schedule and husband’s schedule, I decided we could make  a week without going to the store and use the freezer. I had some grape tomatoes left from my event on Wednesday, we bought a big package of spinach when we went to Costco on Thursday and we had some salad greens. Let the planning begin!

Saturday I worked for KitchenAid. I needed breakfast before I went so made bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches with the bread I made on Friday. I thawed a casserole for dinner so we could have green salad and sausage penne.  Freezer win.

KitchenAid work day on Sunday for me and was supposed to be forage for yourself dinner.  I got home close to 5 and husband had already left for a photography thing.  The menu had salmon salad for Monday, but I roasted the salmon on Sunday and foraged for salmon. 

Monday I cooked for my personal chef customer. She asked if we could change from Tuesday to Monday so that worked.  She wants to host bible study on some Tuesday mornings. We’ll be flexible and all should be fine. 

I included some fall foods on the menu since it is officially fall. I made cinnamon/maple poached pears, Italian turkey burgers, shepherd’s pie, roasted mushrooms and green beans. My customer is all set for the week. 

Menu Flexibility

Since I cooked salmon for myself on Sunday, the Monday plan changed to chicken. Big salad with sautéed chicken, tomato, potatoes (personal chef leftovers), mozzarella, steamed green beans (personal chef leftovers).

We still had a delicious dinner. For Tuesday lunch husband had some leftover sautéed chicken, I had leftover roasted salmon. We went to Wellsprings Worship service Tuesday night so went out for dinner first. 

You know that I am slightly obsessed with Arepa Mia.  I ate at the Auburn location in early July, but have not been since and not to the new location. New location, still delicious food. I forgot to take pictures in my excitement. 

Wednesday I was off and relaxed most of the day. No knitting, but I did read. Husband had his meeting so I looked to the freezer and found Trader Joe’s fettuccine alfredo. I added some parmesan and was happy with my carb filled dinner. 

Thursday off again and I worked on my knitting. I also did a little desk work, read, napped. Dinner was Steak House night with beef tenderloins seared and finished in the oven, baked potato and creamed spinach. Excellent! No recipes, no pictures. 

Friday is work day again with KitchenAid. Husband is going to a rehearsal dinner and I think I will hit Trader Joe’s after work. I got the flyer on Thursday and see some pumpkin items that I need. 

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