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Family Fun, Food and North Carolina

Family Fun, Food

Still trying to get into a normal schedule but I’m not there yet. We had a holiday weekend so days are off but there was still family fun and food. 

I had time to cook on Friday so decided to make ribs. I am not a big fan of ribs, but they came in our last Butcher Box. Mine is scheduled to come every three months, beef and pork and always something different. 

I decided to use the oven so I didn’t have to think much about rib cooking. I made Fall Off the Bone Oven Baked Ribs. The rub from the recipe sounded fine so I used that and I used a purchased barbecue sauce that I had in the pantry.

The cookie sheet was lined with foil for easy cleanup. They were delicious! And easy. 

Saturday there was an event at the zoo – International Vulture Awareness Day. I signed up and husband wanted to go also. We got to the zoo about 11, learned about the various vultures but did not get to hold any. 

It was a gorgeous, sunny day so after we spent quality time with the vultures we checked out some other animals. The panda twins and mom are cute. Again, no holding.

This guy was pretty happy when the zookeeper scratched it’s neck. 

After our lovely time at the zoo, we needed lunch so headed over to Six Feet Under. Great catfish, okra and onion rings. 

Wonderful family fun day! Dinner was late and the leftover chicken and bell peppers became nachos. 

Menu Planning

No menu planning this week. Sunday we had bison burgers and roasted tomato pasta. I tried to use up the refrigerator because we were headed to North Carolina on Tuesday. 


Monday dinner was another easy one to use up romaine I had. I sautéed some chicken and we had Chicken Caesar salad with garlic bread, no croutons. I used this recipe for the dressing and it was good. 

Tuesday was personal chef day and no pictures since I was leaving for North Carolina when finished with work. My customer was not home, returning from Florida Tuesday evening and dinner would be ready when she arrived. All went well with my customer turning the alarm off remotely using her phone. Yay, no police! 

Once home I finished packing and off we went. Husband did not go to the bread class but Asheville is a nice spot for a little vacation while wife is in the Culture Makers class. 

We stayed in a nice air bnb only 7 minutes from Smoke Signals where the class was held. Tuesday night dinner was close, pretty good and easy to get to after driving several hours. We had good barbecue at High Ridge Adventures.

I slept well Tuesday night and was ready for class at 9 on Wednesday. The space is gorgeous – inside class area, outside oven area. 

We learned about starters, flour, water, temperatures and made our bread dough all day Wednesday. Tara was nice to make pizza dough for us so for lunch we made our own pizzas with the delicious dough. 

So Much Eating

Class finished for the day at 2:30, husband picked me up, we went to a farmer’s market in Asheville, napped and had dinner at Buxton Hall Barbecue.  Yes, I know we had barbecue the night before, but desserts were highly recommended here. 

Besides I got pork Tuesday night and went with smoked fried chicken and collard greens Wednesday night. No pictures because it was so delicious and I was very hungry. Yes, I did get dessert and the raspberry rhubarb tart was amazing. I need to try and make that. 

Thursday back to class where we baked our bread that we started on Wednesday. Look at two of my babies ready to go into the oven! 

We made three in baskets and one in a cast iron bread pan. Also leaned to do stencils! My stenciled loaf is the middle one. 

Once we made our starter that will go home on Friday, we baked all of our loaves. Look at that line up of bread.

And then it was lunch time. Tara, our instructor, cut her bread and we had a wonderful lunch.

Dinner was much the same later at the air bnb. No need to go out when there is bread. In addition we had heirloom tomatoes from the farmer’s market, cheese, smoked North Carolina trout, hummus and wine.  Not as pretty as lunch but relying on a strange kitchen.

Dessert came from Old Europe Coffee and Pastry. Friday is the last day of class and it’s apple pie day. And maybe sourdough ice cream, Tara has an experiment started. 

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