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Fall Fun, Friends and Food

ItFall Fun 

It’s time for fall fun with food and friends. I have been cooking a lot since I have time and enjoy eating at home. 

Friday I worked for KitchenAid and stopped at Trader Joe’s after work. Sigh. Husband was at a rehearsal dinner Friday so I didn’t rush to get home.

In addition to the pumpkin pop tarts I went to purchase, I found a few other items. I bought the pop tarts, a kringle, some brie, burrata, grapefruit soda, a couple candy bars, potato chips. Since husband was out for dinner, I heated spanakopita (Trader Joe’s) for myself for dinner. 

Saturday I cooked breakfast for the two of us and relaxed the rest of the day until time to shower and meet friends at Cooks & Soldiers for dinner. Husband went to a wedding and I went to dinner.

Six of us met for dinner. Charity started it, she is on an Epic Adventure. She lives in CA and left several weeks ago for a road trip. She has been staying with personal chef friends along the way and I now want an epic adventure. 

In addition to Charity, Jan was there. She lives in Marietta and Charity stayed with her. Jess was also there. She lives in Philadelphia. Charity picked her up in Charlotte and they will travel together until Texas. Rosemary and Diane who live in the Atlanta area were there too. 

Such a wonderful evening! It’s been several years since some of us have been together, and I’m not sure that everyone had even met before Saturday. We talked, laughed and ate. Very good food. 

It was a lovely, long dinner with reservations for 6:30 and leaving the restaurant at 10. Excellent service too. My oysters that I did not share. 

We each got dessert. No sharing! Jan and I got the almond cake with drunken cherries, the rest got the doughnuts. Everyone happy. 

Menu Plan

Sunday was a sleep in day and then grocery shopping. Menu planning on Friday and I was ready. Apparently I craved soup, salad and bacon! 

Soup is good no matter the weather.  Sunday was a little cooler and The Best Potato Soup looked great. I followed the recipe maybe adding a little more kale and maybe a little less bacon. 

Monday was personal chef day since my customer and I changed from Tuesday. Since it’s fall, I made some pumpkin chip muffins, hamburger soup, chicken wraps with pineapple salsa (a favorite) and more. I used grapeseed oil and gluten free flour for the muffins. 

Since I cooked part of the day for a client, I wanted an easy dinner for myself. Thai Grilled Chicken was delicious! Husband was concerned that the vinegar sauce might be too much, but we both loved it. 

Baking Too

While I cook a lot, I don’t bake a lot. Baking is harder and more precise. Lately I am drawn more and more to baking.  I have been making bread but want to do more – English muffins, bagels, cakes, cookies. 

This cake came up on Pinterest. Mine did not look like the picture in the blog, but it was good. 

In addition to greasing the pans and covering with cocoa, I lined the bottom with parchment paper. I made a wise decision because the cake is moist and delicate and would never have come out of the pan.

Because I do not have 8 inch cake pans, I used 9 inch and they were almost filled with batter. I thought I’d have to bake less time, but the cake took longer so if you make it, keep checking on it.

I eat natural peanut butter from Costco, that is what I used in the frosting and the frosting was fine. It was a little difficult to spread over the delicate cake, but I kept running the spatula under hot water to melt the icing a little as I spread. 

I did not have enough icing to pipe on the edges and I think you would need to double the icing for what shows on the blog picture. I am storing it in the refrigerator because of the butter icing. 


Wednesday was going to be craft day but I did computer work and baked. I made a lovely breakfast for myself and husband too. For whatever dinner I had salad. 

I used red leaf lettuce, green olives, a couple artichoke hearts, mozzarella, grape tomatoes and leftover Thai chicken. Most salad dressing is too sweet for me and I’m not a fan of creamy dressings so I used cider vinegar and olive oil. Easy, delicious and somewhat healthy to balance the cake.  

More Baking

Thursday I did some organizing of kitchen things and baked again. I made quiche lorraine and it was delicious! It took a little time, but it was worth it. And leftovers to fit into my plan for Saturday.

Friday we decided to attend the Georgia National Fair so will have a day of fun. And the menu plan might change depending on fair food.

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