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Fair Fun and Food

Fair Fun and Food

Husband and I had fair fun at Georgia National Fair on Friday. The fair started on October 5th, we decided on Thursday to go.

We ate breakfast at Waffle House because we needed a quick breakfast. It took us about 2 hours to get to Perry, GA, we arrived around noon. 

There was a lot to see. I am a roamer and husband is a map follower so there is some discussion. Heritage Hall was our first stop which was high on my list. This is the quilting, canning, sewing, baking, wood turning, and more building. 

We wandered to the Georgia Grown building and sampled honey and cheese straws. We saw a chef friend Cynthia Graubart who was doing cooking demos throughout the day. 

Next a ride on the huge ferris wheel to get a view of the whole fair. It is an enclosed cage making it safe but tough for pictures. 

Next up the cattle barn. I enjoy cows and they were all cute and cuddly looking. Many, many signs prohibited petting so hugging was out of the question. 

As we were wandering, we ran into the pig racing arena. I have never seen pig racing so that was fun, but bonus was pig diving! 

We sat next to a young girl and her mom who had been to the fair many times and they asked if we were going to the sheep riding which was scheduled next. We had never heard of sheep riding so tagged along to the arena. 

Sheep riding rules are that the riders have to be a minimum of 4 years old and weigh less than 60 pounds. They need to stay on the sheep across the ring and win points. No pictures because sheep riding is quick! The riders are small and tough. Sheep don’t seem to like riders. No saddles, just hang on the wool.

Menu Plan and Reality

We did not eat much at the fair. We shared an order of fried cheese and had some water but nothing appealed. Since breakfast was Waffle House, we wanted to eat at home. Luckily I had the leftover chicken rice soup and found a half a baguette in the freezer because I did not feel like salad. Soup was exactly what we needed.

Saturday breakfast was leftover quiche before husband went off to work all day. I foraged and relaxed, didn’t really make dinner, just had some cheese and crackers. 

I menu planned on Saturday and we shopped on Sunday. The salad that we didn’t eat Friday, moved to Sunday. Also needed some easy meals since we were both out of the house a lot. 

The salad was delicious! It was the perfect meal even with Sunday being rainy and windy. I felt the need for vegetables. Husband does not eat artichoke hearts or pepperoncini so I added some mozzarella too. I whirled the dressing with the immersion blender and it was delicious. 

There is lettuce, red romaine, under all of the additions. 

Tuesday was not a holiday for me. Personal chef day to help my customer. They went to Florida for the long weekend and when they got home there was food. 

Farmer’s Market Potato Salad, Sweet and Sour Baked Pork, Ginger Coconut Rice, Harvest Pear Crisp and more.

Since I cooked all day, I had pork verde (from the freezer) black beans and tomato salad at home. Excellent this time too. One of the best parts of the day? My customer texted this picture of the pear crisp and said the whole family loved it. 

Planning is Key

Tuesday was an easy day. I worked on my library program, had a conference call for a class I’m teaching in a couple weeks and we went to worship. We went to dinner at Farm Burger before worship. Worship was wonderful, we discussed hope.

Wednesday I worked for KitchenAid in the evening so had a free morning. I decided to make chili early so I could have dinner before the event and husband could eat before his meeting. Husband went out for dinner but had chili for brunch. 

Did I eat chili before I went? No.Was I hungry at 9:30 when I got home. Yes. Did I have hot tea with peanut butter crackers? Yes. Chili goes to freezer in individual portions. 

A written menu is key for me as is knowing what is happening during the week. My freezer is pretty full but I love having the option of not cooking but still eating well using the freezer. 

Thursday was a day off although I listened to a webinar at noon. The webinar was through IACP and was titled Taming the Inner Critic. 

Dinner Thursday was roast, mashed potatoes and green beans. I thawed the roast according to the plan and even read the recipe so I salted it on Wednesday. 

New Recipes

I typically do not buy eye of round roast because it is too lean, usually kind of tough, not a favorite. I’ve made it before cooking for a long time using this recipe and it was good but I thought I’d try something new. 

In my last Butcher Box order I received an eye of round. I had time on Thursday so I used a recipe included in the order. First I salted the roast on Wednesday. On Thursday I dried the roast and seasoned it with a spice rub of onion powder, garlic, paprika, pepper and olive oil. 

I seared it in a cast iron skillet and then put the roast on a rack in a 225 degree oven until the temperature hit 115. I use this thermometer for the temperature. 

After the roast read 115, I turned the oven off and left the roast in until it reached 130 degrees. I then let it rest 30 minutes while I made mashed potatoes and green beans. 

The roast came out well and there are leftovers for cold roast snacking on Friday. 

Friday is hair cut day and organizing for the Saturday library program. The dining room table will become a staging area. Dinner for Friday will be Chicken and Dumplings and Saturday will be chili, beef or chicken and dumplings. Planning!


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