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A Little of Everything!

Some of Everything

This week I had a little of everything. I got home on Friday and had asked my husband to thaw bison for dinner. When I travel, I rarely eat beef because I am so picky about beef.

I made bison burgers and mushroom ravioli from Trader Joe’s. No buns of course. Delicious meal. 

Husband went to Greenville Saturday for a photography shoot so I was on my own for dinner. Still in the mood for beef, so steak and baked potato with fresh chives. I love chives! 

Before he left, we discussed the upcoming week and I made a menu plan. I enjoy menu planning and it had been a while since I planned a week of meals for home. 

I finished knitting a grey, cotton cable scarf and started a new project with yarn I purchased when I visited my friend Patti in New Hampshire. 

So far cooking at home, menu planning and knitting, a little of everything. 

My Menu Plan

Some of everything. Most days I was home but still had two library cooking programs. The last two of this summer. Thursday was easy because I had a class with Adam tentatively scheduled. 

I had a plan. I shopped on Sunday at Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. Such gorgeous herbs and vegetables. I decided to splurge a little and purchased crab to try a new recipe. 

I had several brands and types to choose from and I finally went with special, not lump or jumbo lump and wild caught. Nothing from China. I didn’t think I needed lump since I was making salsa

I made half the recipe, did not use almonds and used corn chips rather than potato chips. We had appetizer night so I had cheese dip too and guacamole. Very, very good. 

Shopping Too

Monday we planned to shop for a bed for the spare room. The painting is done so now we have to put it back together. Most of the house is a mess with spare bedroom things in the upstairs hall, the daybed in the living room, the dining room filled with library program things and North Carolina things.

I do not like the mess, but am trying to remember that it will not be there forever. It will just seem like forever. 

The Original Mattress Factory was our first stop since we had not been there before. We had been to several places a few years ago when we bought the bed for the master bedroom.

First breakfast out so we would have energy to shop. We had a nice, late breakfast at Thumb’s Up. Our first bed stop was the only stop! So easy. The bed is coming next week.

Once home I shopped online for sheets, mattress pad, comforter and blanket. It is much too easy to shop online. That gave me time to read but no knitting because I had a very bad headache. 

I made dinner again! This time easy since I thought we’d be shopping all day. I made a fresh green salad and gnocchi. A few changes to the recipe,  I did not warm the chicken broth, used the same pot to make the sauce and added the basil before baking. 

Mine baked uncovered for about 35 minutes and I didn’t broil the top. 

Holiday Cooking

Overall this week was a very restful, relaxing week even with a little of everything going on. It has been stormy and rainy and I didn’t want to count on grilling for the 4th. 

I decided on roasted red potatoes with chicken skewers that could be grilled but would also be fine in the oven. Also a Raspberry Three Milk cake

I started early with the cake. I had to bake it, cool it, soak it, make raspberry topping and whipped cream. 

Plain cake with skewer holes. 

Fresh raspberry jam 

Whipped cream with sprinkles since I did not have and did not look for freeze dried raspberries. This was delicious!

Since I was in the kitchen I decided to make the marinade for the chicken and let that marinate several hours.

Once dinner time came, it was too risky to grill so into the oven with the skewers. 

Once out, I took everything off of the skewers, the sauce was ready and dinner was delicious.

The Final Library Cooking Days

Wednesday was another library program, the next to last of the year. This was my third program for this county so I needed to do something different. First program macaroni and cheese, second pasta salad so for the third I went with mashed potato bar. 

Build your own mashed potato bowl and strawberry fool. Red skinned potatoes, purple potatoes, all of the toppings – bacon, chives, cheddar, goat cheese, ham and more.

For the fool, the choices included mini chips, fresh mint, mini vanilla wafers and more. Sorry, no pictures, whipped cream, strawberries and toppings are quick to disappear. 

Thursday I had a day off! I decided to make some bread since I had time and we enjoy this bread. For the grains I use a five grain cereal mix and add pumpkin seeds.  Since this is our everyday bread, I double the recipe and make two loaves, no problems with doubling. 

Thursday dinner was planned to be pretty easy since there was a possibility of work when I menu planned. I made roast chicken, roasted okra and mashed potatoes. I used a new technique from America’s Test Kitchen and it was perfect. 

Haircut on Friday and making lists for NC. Saturday was the last library program of the summer. It was far. Almost to TN but my first time there. Always love to be invited. 

Sunday starts another week in NC and no more cooking at home for a while. 

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