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Home and Eating, Cooking?

Eating, Cooking

Still home, eating, cooking, not always balanced though. Husband went to a retreat and left Thursday so I was on my own Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I needed to be home and by myself. I read with the cats. In particular one cat who rarely leaves me. 

Friday I thawed a steak and had steak, leftover potatoes and tomatoes. Summer tomatoes are the best. I didn’t do much in my alone time. I have work to do but am not doing it. Sigh.

A friend posted that her grandma passed away and the friend was looking for a ton of rosemary for the service. I didn’t have a ton, but cut what I had, a big bag, and took it to another friend’s house. Together we worked towards the ton. Rosemary is for remembrance. 

I did my grocery shopping on Saturday after dropping the rosemary in Decatur. I checked husband’s schedule before he left for his retreat so I could shop because I had a retreat on Sunday. 

Saturday dinner was pasta bolognese with a small portion of the sauce, the rest went to the freezer. 

Sunday I attended a mini retreat titled Fresh Start. I love these mini retreats with Kimberly and hadn’t really looked at the theme but it was exactly what I needed. I tend to look at fall as the start of a new year. We discussed keeping the Sabbath, relaxing and taking quiet time. 

I got home right before husband and made fish tacos, slaw and black beans. Easy, easy dinner. I used this recipe for inspiration but just wing the slaw. I used tostado shells because they are delicious and red cabbage because I had some. 

Mixed Up Week 

Monday was my personal chef day instead of Tuesday because of the Labor Day holiday coming up. My customer is leaving Thursday so the meals will help her out until then. I also made one meal that can be taken in the car so they can picnic on the way. 

Roast chicken and bean salad for the car trip. 

Our Monday dinner was very easy – beef filets, fresh corn, smashed potatoes. I used rosemary on the potatoes, left from my personal chef day. 

Tuesday I was off since my personal chef day was the day before. I created a menu for an event in September and emailed it for approval. Yay, did some work. I made grits and eggs for breakfast. 

Dinner was planned as swiss steak since I had time to cook slowly. Husband’s plans changed and he was not home for dinner. I followed the menu plan knowing I could freeze swiss steak. My dinner was swiss steak over noodles. Pretty good and plenty left. 

Wednesday is on the calendar as craft day but I have not been feeling ready to knit. I’ve been reading a lot. I had signed up to go to a potluck dinner at Amerson House. Wednesday morning I did some personal grocery shopping – cat food, cat treats, pot luck dinner things. 

For pot luck I decided on a romaine/arugula salad with fresh mozzarella, roasted chicken, tomatoes and purchased dressing. The evening was lovely, just what I needed with 10 others. 

Thursday was stormy and rainy. Found leftover buttermilk, I don’t even know why, and decided breakfast would be good. I made biscuits, bacon and eggs. I had a fleeting thought about biscuits and sprinkles but decided no. 

After breakfast I did print off, review, sign and mail a contract for work in October. Yay me! 

Dinner was a chicken fajita salad but I had to make some adjustments. The dressing that was in the recipe was perfect. I had leftover roasted chicken from pot luck cooking so used that. I sautéed the peppers, onions, garlic, a jalapeño that I found, and some cilantro. The chicken mixture seemed dry (since I didn’t make the marinade) so I added some salsa verde. 

With lettuce, tomatoes, some quesadilla cheese I found the salad was delicious. Will make again and have dressing left. 

Friday is another quiet day and the plan is to make spare ribs. Saturday is International Vulture Awareness day and I’ll be going to the zoo for that. Just trying to get into a new normal at home. 

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