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Different Busy

Different Busy

It has been a different busy lately. I am coming to terms with somehow missing September and realizing that October is almost over. Oh my. 

Friday I worked for KitchenAid but the store I worked at did not help my missing time.  There are three holidays on display currently. The displays are all very nice, it’s just slightly overwhelming to see Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas tables all at the same time. 

I ate leftovers on Friday when I got home and was happy that Saturday was a mostly day off day. There was paperwork to do for my personal chef customer. I had organizing to do for my class in Iowa. I also thought I should get a few groceries. 

For dinner I had frozen Trader Joe’s pizza. Home alone, easy dinner. Nothing worthy of pictures. But my sprinkles were delivered! New sprinkles for the baking that I don’t really do or like. They are gorgeous sprinkles.

Sunday I worked for KitchenAid again, husband and I got home about the same time and I needed dinner that was good but not involved.

Slow Cooker Chicken to the rescue! This technique works well with a smaller chicken, the foil balls, no vegetables, no liquid. I used turkey paste for my seasoning, heated stuffing from the freezer and sautéed spinach. I wonder why I have holiday confusion? 

Monday I cooked for my personal chef customer. We have decided that meals work well if there is one meal that can be enjoyed without heating or cooking. 

I made a chopped salad and added chicken, baked apples, santa fe chicken soup, mini meatloaves and a couple other items. 

My dinner was an easy dinner of panko coated mahi, broccoli and roasted red potatoes. No pictures again, not an exciting dinner, but tasty.

Travel Time

Bright and early Tuesday morning husband drove me to the airport. He insists he likes to take me when I offer to take Marta. My flight left on time, got in to Cedar Rapids early, rental car was ready and off I went. 

First I had to do grocery shopping for my class. After shopping I dropped the items at The Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen. I couldn’t do any prep since they had an evening class so I went to lunch. 

I taught in Cedar Rapids 18 months ago so knew a little about the area. Lunch was Village Meat Market Cafe. I had schnitzel, red cabbage and German potato salad. 

After lunch, I decided to go to The National Czech and Slovak Museum. The museum staff were very nice, good film about moving the museum after a flood, good exhibits including beautiful embroidered outfits and Andy Warhol pets. 

I was tired from the travel, shopping and touristing so just got dinner from the grocery store and enjoyed it at my hotel. Not bad, not great but kind of perfect. 

Wednesday morning I got to the kitchen right before 8, finished setup, verified that the class the night before had not used my groceries and welcomed the students at 9. There were 27 in the class. Part lecture, part hands on and tasting. 

We made roasted broccoli with two kinds of seasoning, a seasoned corn, cilantro lime rice and tostadas. Very tasty, gluten free and vegetarian. 

I needed dinner close to the hotel and wanted something good. The desk clerk recommended the Mexican restaurant I could walk to. Bonus. 

I enjoyed pork in spicy green sauce, rice, beans and home made corn tortillas at El Bajiao. Of course I forgot to take pictures. 

Thursday morning, slept in a little, flight to Atlanta left at 11:15, husband picked me up, we had a burger at Ted’s Montana Grill and then home. Unpacked, submitted a proposal I promised and that was it. 

Friday will be a day of invoicing, working on my November calendar and maybe just relaxing a little. At home! 

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