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Cooking, Training, Variety

Cooking, Training, Variety

This week was a variety of cooking, training, relaxing. A good mix. Friday I met with a friend for lunch. She has worked in culinary for a long time, is a chef, a teacher, knows wine and is looking for a new direction. 

We had a nice brunch at Egg Harbor Cafe and talked about what I did and how I do it. She’ll be fine. She has a great opportunity to do something different for her work. 

Friday dinner was simple and consisted of roast salmon, red potatoes and salad. I used Lake Shore Drive Seasoning on the salmon for flavor. 

Saturday I worked for KitchenAid and knew I’d want an easy dinner again. I found a ball of pizza dough in the freezer and thawed that. I usually have mozzarella cheese in the refrigerator so I didn’t look. Time to bake and no mozzarella of course. I found fontina though and used that, some parmesan and pepperoni. 

My basic dough recipe is from King Arthur flour and it freezes well. The pizza was delicious and perfect for a rainy, cold night at home. 

I love this pizza peel and pizza cutter

Menu Plan

I made my menu plan on Friday and we shopped on Sunday. I have a variety of work things going on this week so tried to make sure my menu is sensible.

Sunday dinner was Argentinean Pork, rice and asparagus. Delicious. 

Personal chef day Monday. A few things I made – bacon potato chowder, apple spice muffins and rosemary roasted potatoes

My dinner was easy, Mushroom Florentine Pasta

Tuesday I trained for KitchenAid. This was one of KitchenAid’s retail customers and the training was held in a hotel in Gwinnett. It started at 11 and I thought it went until 3:30.

Once there, I discovered that the training went until 4:45 so a little difference. This was a big employee training with many vendors attending. My quadrant had 9 other vendors and the employees rotated every 5 minutes. I estimate that I talked with 160 people. Big day! 

I knew I would be tired but thought I would be home around 4. Once I was done at 5:15, I called my husband and asked him to heat the pasta while I drove home. I expected bad Halloween traffic but got home about 6:15. I did have to return some product to the customer store.

We had a delicious dinner, even had vegetables, all thanks to the freezer. 

Wednesday I was off and had lunch scheduled with a friend. She had to reschedule so I had a day off. Time to bake! 

Dessert Too

Twinkie Bundt  was pinned and this was the day to try it. I did not grow up eating Twinkies. My mom did not buy packaged desserts. This cake looked good though. 

I tried to use some sprinkles on top but needed powdered sugar to hide the spots that stuck to the pan. Dinner for me was the rest of the leftover pork.

Dessert was good too. Nice, vanilla pound cake with the vanilla filling. I did not have it for breakfast Thursday but considered it. I think it would be fun to experiment with different fillings, jam, caramel, more.

Thursday dinner was Chicken with Poblano Peppers and Cheese Grits. I followed the recipes as far as the ingredients used but changed the technique slightly. 

My grits were white stone  ground and the cheddar Cabot’s Seriously Sharp , very, very good. I decided to cube the chicken, dice the onion and garlic. I cooked the chicken cubes first, took them out of the pan, added the onion and garlic until softened, deglazed with the wine, reduced the cream with the peppers. 

This reminded me of shrimp and grits and was delicious. 

Friday is KitchenAid work so dinner will be easy and something from the freezer. The menu plan says chili but it’s flexible. The freezer has variety. 

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