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Cooking Again

Cooking Again

Not much cooking last week. That’s just the way the week goes sometimes.  Thursday I left about noon for Knoxville to work an event for KitchenAid. The event started at 6, so I wanted to eat dinner and check into the hotel before.

I don’t know Knoxville at all but there was a Bonefish Grille near the hotel. Normally I like to eat at local restaurants but practicality won out. I had a good meal! I ordered the Norwegian Grilled Salmon catch of the day, sautéed spinach and au gratin potatoes. The potatoes might have been packaged, they were very, very salty. 

The salmon and spinach were cooked perfectly. I went to the hotel, changed and headed to the KitchenAid event. The manager of the store said that 93 couples had confirmed they would attend. Wow! 

Actual attendance was 42 couples, still a busy evening. The time went quickly. Couples lined up and headed out with their guide from the store. 

The event ended at 9, back to the hotel to read and sleep. I left the hotel about 8 andstopped at a donut shop I had read about. Donuts for the road? Good idea.

I wasn’t sure when I entered the bakery but there were warm, freshly frosted donuts. Oh my goodness. Good road food once they sat for a little while. Also for future donuts, no powdered sugar in the car. On the cinnamon donut. May need a car detailing now. 

Menu Planning

Husband left for the retreat sometime Thursday afternoon, so once I got home Friday the cats were excited to see me. They had been alone for less than 24 hours, maybe spoiled? Unpacked, they watched.

Cooking again and made dinner, they watched. I did not share my seared tuna and angel hair pasta. My new favorite seasoning I used on the tuna? Mediterranean Lamb Seasoning. 

I watched tv, read and they were right with me. The cat who hates to be held was glued to my legs, Cody was smashed on my side and Sophie who rarely joins the family, was on husband’s side of the bed. Tricky getting a picture while smothered and weighed down. 

Saturday was a total day of doing little. Perfect day for it with the rain. The cats stayed with me again all the time. I did some knitting, some laundry, some reading, some napping. So lovely. They were slightly disgruntled because humans need to move more than cats need to move. 

I foraged in the freezer and found a container of chili. I added a little pepper jack cheese, crema, and avocado. Very easy, delicious meal. Almost cooking. 

Menu plan for the next week completed with more cooking. Big event on Friday so question marks on that day. 

Sunday I cooked dinner. Husband normally returns from his retreat about 5 and is totally exhausted. I like to make something that he did not make on the weekend retreat. Also, it’s good to have vegetables since I’m not sure what he actually eats since he is in charge of the kitchen.

I pinned this recipe from Pioneer Woman and decided spinach would be good for a vegetable. 

Menu, Life Reality

I buy organic chicken breasts at Costco and purchase several packages to freeze. We try to go to Costco every three months or so. The chicken pieces were big! We each had one piece with garlic bread so I had leftovers. 

Personal chef day Monday and my customer had requested muffins. I made blueberry muffins, Peruvian Beef and Potato Soup, Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Chicken with Tomatoes and Capers and more. 

I also had a request from the eight year old for the Classic Chopped Salad again. Mom said the daughter ate almost all of it, she did share but reluctantly and wanted to be sure mom passed her request to Chef Carlin. Love this. 

I planned pasta and salad on Monday since it was personal chef day. With the leftover chicken though, the menu changed. I heated the chicken in the oven, heated the leftover sauce I had from Saturday and had a chicken parmesan. Made a salad and no pasta for a wonderful dinner. 


Tuesday I decided to try baking challah. King Arthur Flour has a monthly bake along so decided to try and follow. I purchased new yeast, not what I wanted but what was at the store. Wrong choice! Luckily I had enough in my freezer to start a new batch of dough. This is the yeast I like. 

I had to concentrate to braid, but the pictures from King Arthur were wonderful. I started out a little loose but not bad for a first try.

Bread for dinner sounded good to me, but husband gave me a strange look so I made salmon. The salmon was very good, no picture since I was so excited about the bread. 

Wednesday was supposed to be creative day with no cooking for husband. Ha! Husband was sick, not the flu but a cold and spent time resting. I am not an overly nurturing person, but thought I should feed him so made breakfast and dinner. 

For breakfast I used leftover mashed potatoes for this potato cake recipe with over easy eggs. I changed the recipe a little for the cakes. I diced some Canadian bacon, diced some Muenster cheese, chopped two green onions. The cakes were good and of course now I have different leftovers. 

For dinner I planned on leftover salmon but that was when I was planning “whatever” for myself. I found some spinach/cheese ravioli in the freezer from the Costco trip, some marinara sauce and made a salad. Not really cooking, but we had a meal. And it was good, lots of spinach in the filling. 

Thursday was another Costco trip. I had to pick up my new glasses and purchase a few ingredients for my Friday pasta event.

Dinner Thursday was meatballs, pita chips and hummus. Sort of an appetizer dinner. Very good dinner. I made the meatballs with my smallest scoop and they took about 15 minutes to cook. 

Friday is pasta making with thousands, really, of high school culinary students at a hospitality event. I’m working with Manning Brothers in their booth and we have a great time. This will be the third year I’ve done this. 

Friday dinner is dependent on how I survived the pasta making! Eggs are always easy and available. No pasta! The menu has challah French toast and sausage. 

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