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Confusing Week

Confusing Week 

I often am confused on what day and date it is but this was a very confusing week for me. 

I menu planned on Thursday and we shopped on Thursday. Thursday I made a semi cooked meal. I smashed home made meatballs into jarred sauce. 

Friday I decided to cook. I planned to bake a cake and followed the directions completely. Cake fail! My friend Jonathan asked me not to post the recipe! 

The cake was a Meyer Lemon poundcake with a ribbon of cream cheese in the middle. I purchased lemon curd, mixed it with the cream cheese, made sure it was covered completely with batter. 

The ribbon kind of absorbed into the cake and broke the top of the cake. I’m including the recipe here, but I won’t make it again. It might work better without the cream cheese/curd part. 

Dinner was sausage risotto. This was good! 

Saturday I was totally confused on what day it was. I got up and went to get my emission inspection. Husband went out to lunch which he never does on Saturday. He also was working Saturday evening so I was on my own. 

I read, did some knitting, worked on taxes more. I got a lot done on taxes on Friday but did not finish. Since I work for myself, I have many forms to include. 

I get a W2 from KitchenAid, 1099s from libraries and consulting work. Lots of envelopes to open and organize. 

I had popcorn for an afternoon snack. For dinner, since husband was gone, I made a blood orange/avocado salad, he does not like avocado. So sad.

Dinner was leftover pasta. I never will understand not loving leftovers. I know, some judgment there. 

Confusion Continues

Sunday I worked for KitchenAid at a bridal event. Just the morning though so I had time at home. I decided on a steak house dinner. Easy with beef tenderloin and roasted okra. 

I went a little more crazy with the potatoes and made Sweeney Potatoes. Very, very good. I divided the recipe and froze a container for later. We also had some leftover. Very rich, but no fat with the steak and little with the okra. Balance. 

Monday was not personal chef day. So confusing this week! My customer had an Oscar party Sunday and knew she would not want to get up early Monday. Also she’d have food from the party. We moved to Tuesday.

I decided to renew my driver’s license on Monday. I checked the website for office location, opening hours, paperwork needed. All set with passport, social security card, cash, bank statement. 

Got to the office. Are they open on Monday? No, no they are not. With everything that I did check, I did not check on days open. Sigh. 

We hit Trader Joe’s for some frozen pizza, fettuccine, granola bars for my trip. 

Dinner Monday night was a green salad with dressing I made with olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, shallot, salt, pepper, one dash of honey. 

Entree was gnocchi. Very good, very easy. Perfect results in the cast iron skillet and easy cleanup. 

Tuesday personal chef day! I made beef braised with sun dried tomatoes, aromatic yellow rice, pork chop suey, poached chicken for chicken salad and more. I used a stove top pressure cooker for the beef, high pressure for 45 minutes, natural release. 

After finishing with my cook day, I headed to the driver’s license office. Yay, it is open on Tuesday. I planned to stay forever but my number was 405 and they were on 403! The renewal process took less than 10 minutes. 

With success at that office, I decided to go to the bank too. Another quick stop and I was home by 1:00. Perfect day. 

Last Dinner at Home 

I had time to relax and since I am leaving for a week, I made a nice dinner. We started with a salad. I did a quick pickle on the onions. 

We also had fettuccine and stuffed chicken. I realized that I had a lot of cheese this week and I think it’s because I like good cheese and when I eat out I don’t eat a lot of cheese. I’ll be eating all meals out next week! 

Tuesday evening packing with the cats helping. So helpful. I got to the hotel about 4 and Nancy arrived about 7. Off to dinner. We walked a few blocks to XOCO for tacos. So delicious. 

Thursday morning we met at 8, picked up smoothies and off the the convention center. We had to set up our kitchen room, unpack all equipment, tote in groceries and review recipes.

Set up finished about 5, headed to Trader Joe’s for a few groceries and then to the hotel. We were pretty much exhausted and also hungry. We walked a short distance to Maggianos and my chicken piccata was perfect. 

It’s cold and windy, but the sky and lake were gorgeous. 

Friday is food prep day. Lots of ingredients, prep trays, schedule reviews. Nothing to unpack though! 

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