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Comfort Food

Comfort Food

I’ve been thinking about comfort food since my cold last week. Everyone has a different definition and there is no one choice for everyone. When younger, my comfort food was probably pasta and meat sauce. 

Growing up, we had that often, usually on Thursday since that was Girl Scout day, mom was a leader and grandma made sauce to be ready after the meeting. Comfort food. 

Planning a menu is one thing but executing the menu is another when a cold (or life) enters. My appetite wasn’t affected but my energy and tastes were. 

One night I just didn’t want to cook. That was pasta night so no big deal, nothing thawed, nothing would go bad. Next night was mahi and slaw. Nope, slaw not happening. 

Menu Shift

The menu had to shift to accommodate my cravings. Poor husband just gets swept along with my cravings. 

I made my peanut butter pie on Saturday. No baking with the cold. The crust was frozen from Thanksgiving since a pumpkin pie needs only one crust. Baking was easy with just rolling the crust, making the filling and baking. 

The pie was good, but needed to bake more. I let it bake about 80 minutes. I took it out when I saw the cracked edge but it needed more time. It was tasty, just not totally set.

The mahi was thawed so we needed to eat it, but I wasn’t craving slaw. I seared the fish in a skillet with some salt and pepper and finished it in the oven. A drizzle of lemon juice and it was perfect.

I made a risotto recipe that I had pinned and it was delicious. Comfort food. I used dried thyme since I had no fresh. 

Sunday was grocery shopping. We didn’t need much since my cold shifted the menu. 

I was ready for pasta and salad on Sunday. I had ingredients from the previous week. Baked Ziti was delicious. The recipe stated 6 to 8 servings and I would say at least 8. 

I made some for dinner and one for the freezer. The dinner casserole was baked and the other cooled to be wrapped and frozen. Of course there are leftovers too for sometime during the week.

Weekday Life

Personal chef day Monday as usually normal. My customer asked for some chicken soup since J wasn’t feeling well. Also blueberry muffins since everyone loved them. Comfort food.

Classic chicken soup, pineapple salsa, blueberry muffins, blueberry arugula salad, pork tenderloin and more. All gluten free of course so I made some modifications but all delicious.

Monday dinner for us? Mahi and slaw. I was craving some crunchy vegetables. The mahi seasoning was very different from Saturday and fish is good for us so more fish. And slaw. And leftover slaw!

Tuesday I was off so worked on laundry, started bread, did some knitting, roasted some chickens. The bread leaven did not work so I moved that to Wednesday. Knitting went well, I had some ziti for lunch, agreed to a luncheon next week for a repeat customer. 

I do not follow a paleo diet but have paleo cookbooks and read paleo sites. I decided on a recipe from Nom Nom Paleo in her newest book. Early in the day I mixed the dijon, fresh tarragon and olive oil, coated the chickens and let them rest in the fridge. 

My plan this week was to have leftovers so I made two. Some days no cooking! 

Wednesday I’ve been trying for creative time. I restarted my bread leaven and made pancakes. I’m not good at making pancakes so am trying to get better. There were blueberries left from my cook day Monday so blueberry pancakes for breakfast. 

I worked on some scheduling, invoicing, client luncheon recipes and lists, knitting. Good creative day. 

Husband had leftover baked ziti before his meeting. I heated the risotto, added some chicken and had a wonderful dinner. I love leftovers. Planned overs. 

Date Day

Thursday was date day but I also wanted to restart my bread. I refreshed the starter Wednesday night and made my leaven. I explained to husband that I needed to set the alarm for 5 to work on bread. He doesn’t even wonder much anymore about my mind.

The leaven looked good Thursday morning! Since it’s a natural starter, no sugar, no oil, just starter, water, flour and time things happen. Or don’t. 

I made my dough and was ready for proofing by 6 am. 

This dough gets folded hourly so I was finished with the folding and shaping at 10:30. The bread got to hang out while we had date afternoon. 

We are members of The Center for Puppetry Arts and had tickets for Rainforest Adventures. We’ve seen this before but it is excellent. About an hour long and wonderful fun. I think the anaconda might have been new. And my favorite snake, the emerald tree boa, is in the show. No good pictures, too dark before the show and not allowed during. 

Go see the show! You have until March 4th. Since this was date day, we went to lunch after the show. Our choice was Six Feet Under where I enjoyed too many fried things – catfish, okra, onion rings with home made lemonade. 

When we left the house, I had the bread in pans for the final proofing. The natural starter takes several hours to rise, so I was pretty sure the kitchen would not be filled with dough when we got home. 

Luckily there were no dough problems while we were gone.  I make 4 loaves at a time since it takes several days. I use my Smoke Signals starter from class in September. Tara has a book out though too and just started her tour. Check it out – A Baker’s Year

The bread looked good and now I’m all stocked again. We were on our last loaf. Bread is great comfort food for me. 

Wonderful date day, bread day, and if we need any evening snacks, leftovers! 

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