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Busy, Busy June

Busy, busy June! I kept to the plan well last week with one exception. I did not cook on Thursday when we got home from the library. I was pretty tired so we had frozen pizza and salad. On Friday since my personal chef customer had to go out of town, I was off. 

I made a pie because I left the strawberries home for the library program, we bought more once there and I had extra strawberries. I have not made a pie since pie camp, so it was time. My leaf lard arrived from Fannie and Flo. There are some additional sources at The Art of the Pie and pie making classes too. 

It came out nicely and was delicious. 


I also made the pasta from Thursday. I almost followed the recipe. I added a leek, I don’t feel that the tarragon is optional but I did use dry and I do not use low fat/no fat products. It was delicious! 

Leeks are the best and two would not have been enough. 


I planned for the week and we shopped for ourselves on Saturday. The plan for week two of busy, busy June. 

  • Saturday: Spaghetti Bolognese from The Domestic Man
  • Sunday: Grilled Halloumi and Vegetables, church and prepping for libraries
  • Monday: two library programs, chicken in slow cooker before I leave
  • Tuesday: roast pork when I get home from library program, planning to have leftovers
  • Wednesday: gnocchi and salad, library program
  • Thursday: salmon and fettuccine, personal chef day
  • Friday: forage from leftovers, library program
  • Saturday: gave up, working for KitchenAid, hoping to forage 

I also made sure I had eggs, bread, cheese, tomatoes, wine, in the refrigerator in case I gave up earlier than Saturday! 

The Spaghetti Bolognese was delicious! I have had good success with recipes from The Domestic Man. I added fresh basil, parsley and a few red pepper flakes. And yes, leftovers! The leftovers will probably go into the freezer.


Sunday the plan was still working. Husband shopped with me for the library program and then fired up the grill. There was a small weather trauma but it was over before we needed to light the grill. I used this recipe from The New York Times for inspiration. For the vegetables I used red bell peppers, zucchini, okra, portobello mushrooms. Buford Highway has the cheese and it is goat/sheep. I used Zatar seasoning from Penzeys. Another delicious meal! 




With two library programs on Monday (at the same library, Fairview) and a late home arrival, I decided to try chicken in the slow cooker so dinner would be mostly cooked when we got home. I have done this before so was pretty confident I would have dinner when I got home. 

The library programs went well. The first one was with people age 2 to about 11 and the second program was for teens. Everyone helped. Everyone. I use size medium gloves and they are huge on 2 year old hands! Food safety first though.


Only two pictures because I believe I mentioned that I had two year olds cooking! This was prep for the blueberries with orange cream. This was the second class with teens, so I may have been tiring.  


We also made chicken wraps with chicken salad made with fish sauce, lemon juice, garlic, red pepper. The group referred to the sauce on the chicken salad as “the abomination”. Points for big words and I think they were kidding. Maybe. 

We got home about 6:15, chicken was almost done, unloaded the car, chopped some red potatoes and cleaned some green beans. While the potatoes cooked we ran the dishes through the dishwasher (no clean up at the library) and had a simple but great dinner of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. With leftovers! No dinner pictures, I was exhausted. 

Tuesday morning, pack equipment, the car and head out to the library (Tyrone) at 8. I had not been to this library before and they were excited to have me. Love my job. They had a full group of teens with 25. The program started at 11 and husband and I were ready. Of course everyone helps! The gloves fit pretty well though with the teens. 

Corn basil cakes.IMG_2341

Blueberries with orange cream.


Did you know that libraries can have a program where kids can read to dogs! I had no idea and I love this. Dogs listen, have no judgement, don’t laugh at mistakes. So wonderful! Tyrone has a group of probably 15 dogs of all sizes. This made me SO happy. I go to my library often and never saw this. Libraries are the best.


Leave the library, stop at the store, stop at the bank, home, unload the car, toss pork roast, potatoes in the oven get broccoli ready. Load the dishwasher and run with library dishes. Dinner was early, about 4:30. No recipes for Tuesday, season the pork, bake the potatoes, blanch the broccoli. Yes, leftovers, my plan for busy, busy June is still working.

 Wednesday was Dog River Public Library in Douglasville. A gorgeous library that looks like a resort and another new to me library. They were very welcoming. 


Wednesday I was going to make a recipe that I’ve made before and it’s an easy recipe. But then I thought “use gnocchi and the bolognese sauce that is already made”. Even easier! And since the trip home from the library was long and traffic filled, easy was good. 

After dinner I got ready for my Thursday personal chef customer. I had to make labels, grocery list, menu sheet and container list. I was not as exhausted as I thought I would be so that went well. My cook day on Thursday went well and I finished fairly early in the day. I wanted to take a picture of the corn, bacon, arugula salad but totally forgot. After cooking I went to the store for the Friday library program and Target to get my eye prescription and car coolant. I thought I wasn’t too tired but they asked for my birth date at the pharmacy and I couldn’t remember for a moment! 

I did not make the Thursday menu item. Earlier in the week I received a message from a friend asking if I would like to attend a meeting at The Art Institute and I accepted. It started at 6:00. No dinner but here is where the leftovers come in! 

The meeting was a regularly scheduled Program Advisory Council meeting and I am happy that I am now on the council. I will be meeting with the culinary department to help change culinary programs, make sure they are relevant in today’s market and see what real world experience might be possible for students. Real world experience both paid and service in the community. Should be interesting. 

One more library program this week in Peachtree City. So now I am going to print recipes, pack equipment, decide on brunch before we leave. And probably wait until much later tonight or tomorrow morning to plan a menu! 

Next week will not be as busy as this week but will still have variety. 

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  1. Wow! You’ve been busy this month. The pie looks great and thanks for coming to Pie Camp! Kate

    • carlin says:

      Pie camp was my fun before busy June. And you are one to talk about busy! Such a good start to summer. Hope to see you in Atlanta with your book tour.