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A March Break!

March Break

I have a small break now! Nothing so wild as an actual vacation, but no travel. I am still working though. 

Friday was a Kitchenaid work day and I knew I would not want to go out for dinner. I have been out for dinner too much lately.

The Friday dinner plan was to make a quiche using the second pie crust from my welcome home pie. Husband made me a buttermilk pie from Art of the Pie and it used only one crust. I had bacon, onions, cheese, crust but no milk! I moved on to Plan B which was a salad (husband bought salad greens) with bacon, lettuce, bleu cheese, tomatoes. Very good for a second plan.

Saturday was another KitchenAid work day and still had not gone grocery shopping. I took bison from the freezer. When husband shopped he bought okra and potatoes so I made bison burgers, roasted okra and skillet potatoes with onions. No buns on the burgers, I’d rather have potatoes. 

Menu Planning

Saturday I planned a menu for the next week. I could cook! I could shop! All was back to normal. My menu plan is pretty much from Pinterest.

Sunday morning I had planned to go to a Friend’s Meeting and husband decided to go too. I’ve attended a few meetings now and I am enjoying the peace of the meetings. After the meeting we decided to have lunch since husband was working starting at 4.

I was hungry for Chinese food so we decided to find a place near Buford Highway Farmer’s Market.  I used Yelp and found Lan Zhou. Lunch was a very good decision! We ordered too much food since we had to try a variety of foods. 

We had chicken and noodles, scallion pancakes and pork dumplings. No pictures because I was very hungry. We will go back again, it’s close to home and the grocery store.

Sunday dinner was foraging since husband didn’t get home until 7. Since we shopped we had cheese, bread, milk, avocados, salad greens, kefir and more. 

Monday I slept late. Too late to go to Jazzercise so I must have needed sleep.  After doing some desk work, I did some KitchenAid work, went to the bank and then back home. Almost all organized!

Cooking at Home

I thawed chicken for dinner because I was going to cook dinner in my house. So happy to finally cook something. Best part of a break.

Monday was Creamy Lemon Chicken with a few changes. I cubed the chicken because I wanted to use pasta instead of potatoes. I cooked the pasta and added it to the cooked chicken and sauce. 

Roasted asparagus added to the meal. I snap the asparagus, wash and then dry well before roasting with olive oil, salt and pepper. 

Tuesday the dinner plan was to be a leek tart but there was a change of plans. We decided to attend a worship service in Decatur and went out to dinner first. I am slightly obsessed with Arepa Mia

Still on Break 

Wednesday I had a day off! Wednesday is often craft day and I have not done that for quite sometime, but no crafting this Wednesday. I read, showered late, made Blood Orange Crumble Bars and started taxes. 

I did not make the jam because my friend David gifted me with some blood orange vanilla marmalade and I used that. 

Since it was my day off and my break, I decided to make the Leek and Goat Cheese Tart  that was on the menu Tuesday. 

Thursday I did not teach Adam, I had to move him to Friday because a friend asked me to speak at her staff meeting at Le Cordon Bleu. The school is closing after this class graduates and she wanted me to talk about my life as a self employed, freelance person. 

I didn’t get to eat before I left the house, too early, so brunch when I got home of leek tart and a side salad. So wonderful to have food all ready to eat. 

The plan for Thursday dinner was a new recipe of Easy Pressure Cooker Green Chili with Chicken.  Husband decided to tag along with a photographer friend on a job so no dinner for him. I decided to cook right after eating brunch so it was ready for Thursday or Friday. 

The pressure cooker is a wonderful thing. I used the stovetop one, my preference at home. I think I have the 6 quart. Toss all in, 15 minutes, immersion blender, hand shredding, done! 

Friday is cooking with Adam, menu planning and getting ready for my Spring Break. Fulton County is on Spring Break and I will be too. I am going to visit my friends Patti and Leslee in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 

Poor husband does not get Spring Break but he is retired after all! 

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