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Break Finished

Break Finished

Break finished!  My spring break was wonderful but it was good to be home. No flight problems leaving Manchester NH although there was a delay leaving Detroit. I worried since Delta had some issues from the Wednesday weather. 

Delta kept me updated and I finally left just a little late and made it to Atlanta around 6 pm. I was so happy because I was home and my luggage arrived too! I know there were many people with many problems but I had none. 

Friday, Patti and Tom (her husband) took me bird watching. Tom is a great photographer and they had some normal places for bird watching. We left about 9 am, headed to the beach (bonus) and enjoyed the day.

Beach Views

The weather was perfect although a little cool and windy but the clouds were so amazing. 

In addition to bird watching in New Hampshire, we went over the border and into Massachusetts. My pictures are not as good as Tom’s although I did capture some birds.

We stopped for lunch on our way to the next beach at Nancy’s Marshview Cafe. I enjoyed the hot turkey special, Tom and Patti the Gobbler Panini. My lunch was perfect. 

We walked through sand dunes, marshes, I touched the ocean in two states, I had a great time. 

Friday night we went out to dinner too. Patti and Tom took me to one of their favorite restaurants Cafe Momo. We dined on mixed momos, chola, a lamb dish and I had a delicious virgin mojito. 

Monday I did office work. I prepared paperwork for my Tuesday customer, invoices and folders for upcoming library programs, signed and sent a contract for a class I’m teaching in May. I even did a little filing. Since break finished I needed to get my real life organized.

Monday dinner was salad and pasta with bison bacon sauce. The freezer to the rescue because grocery shopping was in the future.

Tuesday I cooked for my personal chef customer. I’ve been cooking almost weekly for the family. I prefer to be flexible with my customers and accommodate breaks, travel and other things happening in life. 

I took a few pictures of the meals, not everything! They had Greek Lemon Chicken Soup, Apple Onion Pork Chops and Ginger Plum Chicken for entrees. For sides a nice Greek Salad, Mushroom Potato Hash and Brown Rice with Vegetables. 

We attended the worship service again in Decatur on Tuesday therefore Arepa Mia. I am obsessed. I went back to the arepa and had some soursop juice. 

Menu Planning and Shopping

Wednesday was not a craft day even though I did not work. First up menu planning. I was gone on spring break but now that break finished it was back to reality. I decided to plan through next week so we’ll see what happens with that. 

After menu planning it was time to review taxes. SO much fun but necessary so I could send off my SEP contribution for 2016. I am self-employed so self fund a retirement account. After that joyous task it was time for breakfast. 

Since it was almost 11:00 it was really time for brunch and since it was National Grilled Cheese Day, I went with it. Brunch was grilled cheese/egg sandwiches. SO much better than tax review. 

In addition to making brunch making brunch, I roasted some chicken breasts to have for lunching, brunching, whatever.  Husband went to volunteer at school while I went to the post office and did the grocery shopping. Reality! 

Thursday was my cooking class with Adam. We missed last week because I was on spring break so it’s back to work for us both this week. We made tomato sauce for spaghetti squash and a beef stir fry. He likes healthy eating. 

I made Leeky Linguine with Shrimp since I shopped yesterday. I always buy wild shrimp from the United States. 

Friday will be a day off and maybe some craft room work. I have been knitting though in the evenings. No shopping but maybe a weekend dessert. 

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