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Break Continued

Break Continued

I hadn’t really planned it, but my break continued through the end of March and into April. So exciting once I realized it. I did not work on the weekend. I’ve been practicing my egg poaching too!

Friday I didn’t have to cook since I cooked on Thursday and we had the chicken verde on Friday. I chopped some tomatoes, put some sour cream in a bowl, some cheese and heated the beans and chicken. 

I created a menu plan for this week. It seems like forever since I’ve planned and shopped. I missed this routine. It is a short plan since my break really got going starting Wednesday. Husband is on his own again.

Yes, I did use a sparkly gel pen and it did not dry quickly. This is real life menu planning!  And yes, I planned pot roast so husband had leftovers for when I left. 

Saturday I spent most of the day in the craft room. I worked on my afghan, weaving in ends and pressing squares. Since it’s spring break, I decided to get a project ready for travel and needed to roll yarn. Oh my, what a mess with the first skein. 

I made Filet Mignon with Mustard and Mushrooms for dinner. Sides were mashed potatoes and roasted okra. Husband loves sauces so he was very happy with the mustard sauce. 

Sunday was a pretty peaceful day. Armed with my shopping list, I went grocery shopping. I have missed grocery shopping. Sunday dinner was an easy old favorite Gnocchi with Pomodoro Sauce and salad. 

Spring Break Lunch Fun

Monday I had lunch with my friend Cathy who lives in Decatur where Arepa Mia is located. Coincidence? Cathy is a personal chef also and I met her about 20 years ago when I started my business, she already had a chef business. 

I had the corn cake with chicken, no arepa this time. Still delicious though. We had our usual 4 hour lunch and talk fest. 

Dinner on Monday was switched to the mahi because I went out for lunch. The pot roast needed more time so that moved to Tuesday. That plan worked better for long pot roast cooking time. 

I just seared the mahi and finished it in the oven, squeezed some lemon juice on it when done. The side dish was more work with zucchini risotto

Tuesday we went to the bank, love to deposit checks! Then home to start pot roast at 11:30 am. I browned the meat, sautéed the vegetables – carrots, onion, celery. 

Added the wine, tomatoes, basil, pot roast on top. I cooked the roast in the oven on 300 degrees for about 4 hours. I shredded the meat, used an immersion blender on the sauce and pulled the meat into chunks. This all served over noodles with sautéed spinach on the side. So good.

Spring Break Fun

Wednesday morning, bright and early, on the way to the airport for my spring break. Husband likes to drive me to the airport so we left the house at 4:30 am. Traffic was light, we made it with little problem, I zipped through TSA and left on my first flight at 7:20 to Detroit. 

I originally had about an hour to switch planes in Detroit, but there was a delay. And another, and another. I finally left Detroit about 2 pm. Very long day in the airport. I made it to Manchester NH though about 3:30! 

My friend Patti picked me up and we headed to her house. So my spring break finally started and yes, there are some snow piles in her yard, but it’s the company, not the weather. Although beaches are nice and you can have good friends get together on beaches too. Maybe next break.

Patti and her husband live with Clifford the cat. So fluffy!

Thursday we relaxed, went to a grocery store (that’s what personal chefs like to do) and did some knitting. A perfect spring break day. Also it was raining and cold so nothing outside. 

Friday the plan is to leave bright and early to get to the ocean to look for owls! Cannot wait. 

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