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Awesome Autumn

Awesome Autumn

I love fall. I like cool weather, warm foods, hearty foods and sometimes long cooking foods. I’m sure the weather will change soon and we will have an awesome autumn. 

The Chicken and Dumplings I made on Friday was the best I ever had.  It wasn’t hard to make but took some time. I roasted the chicken first thing in the morning. 

When it cooled, I pulled the meat off and started the broth. The broth was beautiful. 

I followed the recipe and all was delicious. Also, I heated the leftovers for lunch on Tuesday and the leftovers were perfect. 

Saturday I had a  library program at the Chamblee Branch with teens. We made maple glazed chicken, honey sweet potatoes and pumpkin dip. No pictures but the 15 teens had fun cooking and eating. 

Our dinner was chili. Already made, just needed to heat! 

Sunday I worked for KitchenAid and knew I needed an easy dinner. I was excited about Dan Dan Mian and it was okay but not great. I used tahini because peanut butter seemed heavy. But not a great dish for me. 

I don’t like to waste food and had leftover mashed potatoes so decided to make potato cakes for breakfast Saturday. Good plan but once I added cheese, flour, green onion, I had leftover potato cakes. They were delicious and we had them for breakfast Sunday too.

Menu Planning

I made my menu plan and we shopped on Friday since the weekend was so busy. 

Monday I cooked for my personal chef customer and took no pictures because she and I talked a lot. She wasn’t home last week when I cooked, so we caught up. I made meatballs stroganoff, chicken fajita rollups, chicken ginger rice bowls, apricot ginger muffins and a couple other recipes. 

Husband and I were hungry when I got home so we had a late lunch of leftover chicken and dumplings. No dinner cooking at our house on Monday. 

Change of plans since I didn’t cook Monday. On Tuesday I decided to roast the pork tenderloin while I was making the Chicken Francaise

I rubbed the roast with olive oil and used Mediterranean seasoning. The oven was on 400 degrees for the asparagus and the tenderloin only took about 20 minutes. 

The chicken recipe made a large amount and I didn’t need many leftovers so I halved the recipe. Perfect amount with one piece of chicken leftover. 


Wednesday was whatever day as usual, but no need to cook. I had leftover frittata from Tuesday morning, chicken, roast pork, and I made some cookie bars. This is the second time I made the bars. The first time I used marmalade from a friend, this time I used some home made blackberry jam. Delicious! 

Husband has a meeting on Wednesdays and has been dining at the meeting. A few weeks ago we think he may have gotten food poisoning from the baked sweet potatoes so he has decided to eat at home before the meeting. 

He went for the chicken francaise about 3:00. I decided on a cold plate about 6:00 of avocado, cheese, cold roast pork and bread with a little wine. We were both happy. 

You might not think of potatoes as a hazardous food but they are perfect for bacteria growth if not cooked, held, cooled and heated properly. Take care. 

Thursday I was off and listened to a webinar about cooking classes. Husband shopped, organized and left for his retreat. 

I decided on steak and baked potato for me and decided to save the leftover pork for Friday since I worked for KitchenAid. No need to cook. 

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