Chef Carlin offers several services including

personal chef services, cooking classes and consulting.

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Personal Chef Meals

Chef Carlin will work with you to plan and prepare delicious meals in your home.

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Cooking Instruction

Classes available for people ages 6 and older. Classes limited to 10 for the most enjoyable experience.

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School Nutrition Consulting

Working with school nutrition! Hands on classes, demonstrations and quick tips.

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What Our Customers Say

Dinner was delicious last night! Thanks again for filling my freezer with yummy food!
Have a great weekend!

Tried to snap a picture to show you how much we BOTH enjoyed tonight's supper. Some weird white light spoiled the photo -- something wrong with my camera maybe -- tried several times with the same result --but perhaps the empty plates and happy husband came through. Wonderful for me especially because I've had so little appetite for anything lately. Of everything you’ve cooked so far my "top2" are last week's potato cheddar soup and tonight's stuffed baked fish with the dilled mashed potatoes. Absolutely fantastic meal to come home to after chemo!
Thank you so much.

I'd love to talk with you about questions, classes, cooking.